The Game Awards 2018 Have More Than Doubled Viewership with 26.2M Global Livestreams

The Game Awards 2018 broadcast registered truly impressive growth, more than doubling its viewership year-over-year with 26.2 million global live streams.

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Relientk7741d ago

That's crazy, and it's been increasing every year.

Alexious41d ago

Yup. Maybe Fares was right after all with his comment on the Oscars

Cmv3841d ago

Having a great year for games definitely contributed. Plus we expected some surprises.

FunAndGun41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

That's good to hear. I know the show can be cringy at times, but I would rather it exist than not. As much crap as Geoff Keighley takes, I have to give the man credit for representing our hobby and keeping the awards show going. It's not the best, but it's what we have. Would be better to support it than watch it die. This year seemed to solidify the awards show will have a definite future.

AshleeEmerson41d ago

That was a great response and exactly the type of mindset us gamers need as far as an industrial voice.

Imortus_san41d ago

The show was good, I just dont like Geoff Keighley.

ILostMyMind41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Most of them hoping that a non-Sony exclusive game would win the event.

Smokehouse41d ago

That’s good because it was actually a pretty good award show. It will only go up next year.