The State of Play – Xbox One

SXO: Welcome to part two of our mini-series – part retrospective, and part crystal ball. This week we’re looking at the curious case of the Xbox Platform.

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darthv7241d ago

Sony won this gen, no argument there but the real surprise is how MS was able to turn things around and land a respectable 40 million units. It's certainly a drop from last gen (86 million down to 40 million) but at least it wasn't as bad as the drop off Nintendo suffered (100 million down to 14 million).

I feel that Phil knows the only thing to do is to press on and make the right choices for the future of the platform. Admitting they have a games problem and then taking steps to correct that is all part of those right choices. Getting the powers that be to allow him to do his job as head of Xbox was no easy task but things are looking up for them going into their next system.