eBay Reveals Australia's Favourite Gaming Console - PlayStation

Despite delivering what was claimed to be the most disappointing E3 performance in years, PlayStation still came out on top winning over Aussie shoppers in 2018 as the most popular console - with sales growth outstripping that of the Xbox by almost double in the past 12 months.

eBay Head of Retail Insights, Gavin Dennis says, “The gaming category continues to grow on eBay, driven both by exciting new game launches and innovation in the industry. Aussies across the country are keeping their finger on the pulse making sure they are first to get their hands on new products as they launch”.

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Hardiman41d ago

Yeah this is the case in lots of areas and just shows that tons of articles saying Sony sucked at E3 this year didn't really do much. It's kinda hard with so many great games being released!

RpgSama40d ago

Sony show might have sucked because of the weird interlude, but the games were the best in the show, every single one of them

RosweeSon40d ago

Yeah I think people just want any chance to say Sony had a rubbish e3. They didn’t they’d just decided to have a quiet one. Rather than bigging up previously announced games (hi crackdown) they just simply stated we’re showing these (amazing upcoming games, days gone death stranding etc) and showed them off in a bit more detail rather than hyping everyone up for something they essentially saw the year before anyway ;) I’d take a quiet year with 3/5 top notch games confirmed over an hour and a half of waffle and PR guff that comes to nothing bit like politics we’ll give you the earth and deliver you a turd

KickSpinFilter40d ago

Actually what Sony showed for games was pretty awesome. The way they did it was horrendous.

Lime12340d ago

PS4 is best selling console in Australia 5 years in a row!

InTheZoneAC40d ago

Smart consumers, even if they're not so smart living with every poisonous animal

SolidGamerX40d ago

Of course it is. Its that way pretty much everywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.