Taking A Look At Xbox One's Troubled Past With Exclusives

"It's no secret that Microsoft has had struggles this generation of Xbox One exclusives, so we take a look and examine it in detail." - Tim @ CD

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FallenAngel198441d ago

Microsoft decreased Xbox 360’s first party support in its latter lifecycle while PlayStation 3 was getting flooded with it because Microsoft said they wanted to focus their attention on the next generation.

Seeing Microsoft flounder so much this generation is so discouraging, even moreso when you consider Sony sent their previous console off with a heavy amount of support and their current system heavily trounces the support Microsoft was able to get for theirs.

To rub even more salt in the wound, we’re now being told that we have to actually wait for yet another console generation to receive a slew of potentially quality first party content from Microsoft while Sony is still able to effortlessly support PS4 for the next few years.

gamer780441d ago

Ryse was the best exclusive launch game this generation imo. But they def had problems with first party exclusives the last half of this gen for sure.

WilliamSheridan41d ago

Ryse is under rated but was actually a fun and incredibly beautiful game...

Razzer41d ago

Other than Forza and Forza Horizon, there hasn't been a really great game to come out of Microsoft Studios since Gears of War 4 in 2016.

mcstorm41d ago

I know what you mean but as a racing fan the Xbox has been the better console this gen and the reason I got the Xbox one on day one. I was going toget a ps4 as loved the look of DC but it was put back and got fm5 day one instead.

I do feel the lack of support over the last few years though compaired to Sony but I do feel sonys start was slow.

It is each to there own as for me I'm not interested in games like spiderman never been a big fan.

It will be intresting to see what happens next gen though as it looks like all 3 are finishing the gen strong in terms of the Outlook and ide expect both Sony and Microsoft to come out with some big hitters for the next xbox and ps5. It will also be intresting to see where Nintendo of with the switch will they keep it for 5 years and make a new gen or keep it going like the Ds has.

Razzer41d ago

No doubt if you are a racing fan then Xbox has been prime. You've got a new Forza every year. I know racing is really big in the UK and Forza seems to stay in the top 10 sales there. But overall, there has to be more than just an annual racing game. I think everyone recognizes this and that's why MS went on a spending spree.

mcstorm40d ago

I agree with that microsoft needs to bring alot more out even halo has been quiet this gen as last we had 3, odst, reach and 4. But its the other ips it needs to bring back/have new ones. Rare have a lot of ips they can tap into and I feel they need to. Ide love to see a new perfect dark, more of KI more fable, give us some xbox originals to get Sega to give us some of the games like jsr, Sega gt. Ide also love a pgr to. I am from the UK we love our car games here and for me they offer the most on console esp this gen.