Why Red Dead Redemption 2 shouldn't be on Switch

Not every game belongs on Nintendo's handheld-console hybrid, especially Rockstar's cowboy opus. It just doesn't make sense from a technical or business stance, and here's why.

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NecrumOddBoy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The game's over a hundred gigabytes worth of data. How in the hell is it going to run or be on Switch?

UCForce42d ago

Yeah, I don’t think the game can run that on Switch especially how massive is it.

anonymousfan42d ago

I am pretty skeptical it could run it indeed but they could opt for a cloud based version somewhere down the line meanwhile I would love to play something like GTAV or even the original Red Dead Redemption on the Switch and both of those were last gen/should fit on Switch just like LA Noire did.

whothedog41d ago

Remember games like Doom or Wolfinstein 2 came to the switch when people thought it was impossible, I don't see why it couldn't happen with this one.

Agent_00_Revan42d ago

It simply couldn't. Article is technically pointless. Bringing up a topic solely based on a comment Reggie made.

Cmv3841d ago

Less about file size and more about performance. Rockstar could put the game on a flash to hold all 105 gigs. The problem is the switch itself. And I'll continue to use a recent game for example, nba 2k19. Its really bad on the switch. The switch wasn't built for these games.

The 10th Rider41d ago

Yeah, this article is really over a non-topic. The game won't be on Switch because it couldn't run on Switch. It's not that it "shouldn't", it's that it "can't" so it's not even worth discussing, lol.

DarkKaine41d ago

Most of that filesize is high quality video and audio.
The game isn't 100GB because it needs to be but because they don't have to use compression and downsampling.
Once you start doing that the size you end up with will surprise you.
I mean just look at all these old warez PC rips. Games would often be only 100MB instead of 700 just by taking out some video and using some compression wizardry.

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wonderfulmonkeyman42d ago

Not sure anyone would buy it if it were anyways, given how much people play it for its graphics.
Any sort of sacrifice in that area might make people draw back, even if geniuses like Panic Button brought it as close as technically possible to other versions.

I'd prefer efforts be spent on getting other games onto the Switch, over RDR2.

anonymousfan42d ago

Even Bethesda probably won't risk their latest open world games on Switch (although their ports of Wolfenstein and Doom seem to have sold well)... So yeah I agree it's not realistic.

wonderfulmonkeyman42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I doubt it has anything to do with risk.
If anything the Switch has proven to be a good bet for devs like Bethesda, with the right titles.
RDR2 just isn't one of those right titles; anyone who wants it isn't going to get it on Switch if it comes out this late especially because of the graphics issue.

-volt-41d ago

Its graphics? It is by far not the best looking game

wonderfulmonkeyman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Yet the realism in its graphics [and overall gameplay] is one of its key features and selling points. Especially when the devs talked about it.
None of this is an insult to the game or its players, btw.

starchild36d ago

You're kidding right? It's easily one of the most impressive looking open worlds ever created, if not THE most.

chris23541d ago

awww another gullible fanboy defending his favourite gadget because its brand logo has got complete power over his thinking. a little less bias a little more professionalism would be cool with bloggers these days.

King_Noctis41d ago

Again, your comment kindda ironic really.

bigmalky41d ago

"...and here's why."

The most condescending and overused journo term of 2018.

EddieNX 41d ago

I'm fine playing it in my XB1X. Bring third party games that will actually run on my Switch and I'll buy them in a heartbeat to play anywhere.

wonderfulmonkeyman41d ago

...except Ark: survival evolved.
That's a hot mess that I doubt even Panic Button could save.XD

EddieNX 41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I actually had hoped the Switch version was going to be good. It's unplayable apparently lol. It was horrific on the Xbox one when I played it when it first came out. Never seen so many bugs in a game. Shame cus the game had massive potential.

We need good studios (like panic button) who are going to take these ports seriously.

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