Shocker, Soulja Boy’s self-branded console looks to have pirated Nintendo content on it

Soulja Boy's console is a joke, but the funny part is the rapper may soon be sued for distributing copyrighted work.

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ButtAnihilator42d ago

I love it -- It's so silly. What else is wacky about soulja boy's console?

ButtAnihilator41d ago

You are okay and good, my man.

thatguyhayat42d ago

Dont forget its got PS1 games on it too and Sega. A lawsuit just waiting to happen. And this idiot says he plays console games

rainslacker42d ago

Its in China, so likely nothing they can do without going through the Chinese equivalent of the justice department. Chinese tend to take care of their own interests and throw copyright to the wind. It takes quite the effort of time and money, not to mention likely some bribery, to rectify anything.

I don't know if they can go after soulja boy since he's not in China himself. But likely they're just paying him for a licensing deal using his name, and he has no real interest behind it's release, design, or anything else about it.

Just hope he never tries to claim copyright infringement on any of his work like some artists are doing nowadays.

StormSnooper42d ago

China won’t defend copyrighted material especially in the current climate. It’s actually kind of sad that they get away with that.

rainslacker42d ago

They don't defend it. They just look the other way. So long as it doesn't leave the borders of China. Unless something has changed in the last couple years. Knock offs and piracy were pretty much running rampant for almost everything imaginable.

Nodoze42d ago

China is NOT our friend. Never have been, never will be. When the full scale of the theft they have undertaken for IP is unveiled it will shock the world. ANY company that is presently making anything in China....they own and are pirating your product. The Chinese don't invent things (they don't need to). They steal the technology that we WILLINGLY give them.

The only good thing to come out of China was gunpowder. They peaked early.

ravinash41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

They may not be able to sue the people in China, but they can sue this guy if he splashes his name all over this stuff.

Segata41d ago

They can sue this souljaboy idiot.

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trooper_41d ago

That’s what I was thinking. This guy is literally playing with fire.

gangsta_red42d ago

The industry is biased against Soulja. Just another hit piece to squash one of the greatest consoles coming out.

ButtAnihilator42d ago

I was saving to buy a ps5 in 2020, but that soulja boy console is really tempting me.

fyiir2341d ago

If you have to save for 2 years... don't buy anything

Profchaos42d ago

Imaa let you finish in a minute but best console of all time should have a Superman these hoes button

rainslacker42d ago

You're comment is a great indicator on the percentages around here who can't recognize obvious sarcasm.

SolidGamerX42d ago

Then again maybe its an indicator of people who just dont find him funny.

rainslacker42d ago

There's a certain sense of irony to his statement that I think both sides of the console war can appreciate in my opinion.


I don't think the industry could have survived without him.

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Traecy42d ago

The idiots that made this will be sued soon.

Profchaos42d ago

They are the definition of fly by night and will disappear off the face of the earth after the first shipment it's not their first rodeo create a cheap product that's just a raspberry pie emulator pump it full of time from torrent sites and get a fallen celebrity to promote it.

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