Nintendo Network Maintenance Sessions Could Impact Online Gaming Over The Next Two Days

Full maintenance schedule released

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-volt-1081d ago

Still wondering why I am paying for Nintendo Online... It offers nothing...

Sm00thNinja1081d ago

Absolutely no reason. I bought it for Smash and its virtually unplayable.

Teflon021081d ago

I was thinking of doing it for smash but then I was like, I need to see how others experiences are. From what I get from people in general with the service is that the online gives people more trouble now than it did when it was free. Also this doesn't help. 2 day maintenance is dumb. I get a few hours in a day. but 2 days is extreme

Sm00thNinja1081d ago

Some matches are fine. Anything with more than 2 players has a tendency to be a slideshow for me. Hopefully others are having a better experience but it's by no means perfect! Anyone disagreeing is simply a shill. P2P for Smash is unacceptable

PhantomS421081d ago

You need better internet then. I've experienced just as much lag as any other online game. Occasionally but a majority of the time matches are fine.

Sm00thNinja1081d ago

@Phantom yeah I find that hard to believe when you're the minority. I get 300 down. The fact that you said j need better internet tells the whole story .... Smash is the kind of game where any lag is game breaking especially if you play a character that relies on timing like Sonic or Bayonetta. Also it's P2P it doesn't always rely on my "internet" to determine lag or disconnects. Somehow you've connected to GOLDEN 1 GIG down users every match. I find that hard to believe and easier to believe you're just not being truthful.

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porkChop1081d ago

Two days? That's unusual, it's usually just a few hours. I wonder if they're adding anything.

XxSPIDEYxX1081d ago

While I'm disappointed in the quality of the service, especially how Smash Bros runs online, it's nice to see that Nintendos making an effort to improve it.