Detroit: Become Human has sold through more than 2 million units worldwide

Sony reveals Detroit: Become Human sales.

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PavelBHunter858d ago

Congrats! This game is real GOTY (just my opinion)

kayoss858d ago

Its time for me to unwrap this game. I just finally finished Nier:Automata. Great game by the way.

Michiel1989858d ago

Still need to play Automata, weirdly enough I already listen to the OST a lot :D

Tapani858d ago

Nier, GoW and Detroit are superb.

MajorLazer858d ago

Lucky. This is high on my list, the gameplay videos I've seen look superb. Just need to clear a few games rn first

rpvenom858d ago

This game surprisingly made my top 10, potentially top 5 games of all time just based on those "gasp" moments.. You cannot truly appreciate this game's ingenious story arch unless you have multiple playthroughs choosing different options.. it's crazy how things tie together and can go completely in different paths.. insane game. Wish more people gave this game a try!

starchild858d ago

We all have our opinions and yours is a perfectly reasonable one to have. I think it's a great game. It's really nice to see different kinds of games be financially successful.

crazyCoconuts858d ago

I really liked it as well. Its so unique and the story and graphics are superb. Just a great unique experience that you really don't get from other games...

Muzikguy858d ago

I’m playing this game now and it’s great

Thundercat77858d ago

Thank you. I will get it soon.

RangerWalk267858d ago

An interactive movie is your goty? To each his own. But man, I rented it

UCForce858d ago

An interactive movie that has a lot of choice to change narrative. It’s way more effective than telltale game.

PavelBHunter858d ago

Eveyone has his own taste. I enjoyed every second of that masterpiece, that's why. Even you have your personal GOTY and i will respect that it's your opinion.

TheEnigma313857d ago

bitter xbox owner with no games.

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Nyxus858d ago

Very nice! Deserves more though.

TeamIcoFan858d ago

Love to see that despite all the controversy BS this gem still managed to succeed.
Haters tried so hard to bring it down.

TekoIie858d ago

David Cage can accomplish that by himself.

BehindTheRows858d ago

And yet, none of his games have been 'brought down' (all of the last three games were commercial success stories).

TeamIcoFan858d ago

What makes this really impressive is that the budget for D:BH is only about 35 million.

UCForce858d ago

But why his game was successful ? Can you tell me that or you just making an excuse ?

TekoIie858d ago (Edited 858d ago )


"all of the last three games were commercial success stories"

Shame he can't write something of similar quality into the game itself. Heres thing about David Cage games; they don't succeed because of him, but despite him.

"But why his game was successful?"

Oh that's easy to answer. Big budget more than likely used for good actors. His games don't really feature any stereotypical game mechanics that would require strenuous testing to feel right so a lot of the time can be spent on presentation. Visually he's good at creating small impactful scenes but some are ridiculously retarded (like the Canadian border scene).

But even then he writes lines into his games that not even the actors can sometimes salvage. But you know what? Detroit had a very good combination with Connor and Hank and I was really ready to say maybe Cage is improving... But nope. Turns out that the actors for those characters did a huge amount of improvisation and Cage wasn't happy with how they turned out. So even the best part of the game you can't give him credit for.

So to clarify that award for best performance? Despite of Cage again.

Now I'm aware you don't like long comments so I'll leave it there for you UCForce <3

UCForce858d ago

You made a poorly statements. And I knew you made another excuse. Just like you doubting way too much on God Of War success.

trooper_858d ago

You must be fun at parties./s

The game still did well. Your biased hatred won’t change that.

TekoIie857d ago (Edited 857d ago )


"You made a poorly statements. And I knew you made another excuse. Just like you doubting way too much on God Of War success."

Gave you a reason and you can't respond. We call that dodging pal. What was poor about my comment? You gave no reason so you've got no substance to back yourself up. I'll give you a pass because it doesn't look like english is your first language but you're clearly unable to make a point to challenge what I've said about David Cage.

I answered your question as to why his game was successful. Now move along kid.


"The game still did well. Your biased hatred won’t change that."

You didn't disprove my assertion though did you? David Cage is not a good game designer and if you believe otherwise back it up. Otherwise it looks like atleast 9 of you disagree but cant zctually tell me why im wrong. Thats quite telling.

Nyxus857d ago

@ Tekolie: His games have been critically and commercially successful, so he is in fact a good game designer. That's where you're wrong. You're welcome.

TekoIie857d ago (Edited 857d ago )


"His games have been critically and commercially successful, so he is in fact a good game designer."

I just gave you an example where his game received an award for a performance that contained a lot of improvisation. He even admitted he didn't like the performance these two actors did for the game. Connor and Hank were easily the best-received characters in Detroit by a large margin compared to Markus and Kara. If Cage did such a good job how did the best scenes in the game not come from him directly? Why was the improv work the part that was critically acclaimed?!?!? The part of the game that strayed furthest from Cage's vision is the CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED PART!

"That's where you're wrong. You're welcome."

Learn to read. The game was critically acclaimed because of the actor's and not because of Cage. As i mentioned previously the one consistently good thing Cage does is the presentation. However, when it comes to the substance it's always lacking (especially in wacky endings he thinks up for his games).

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Nodoze858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Agreed! Also love seeing the SJW virtue signaling that was taking place with Battlefield V is backfiring big time. Game is crap, and is tanking.

Also wanted to recommend Beyond Two Souls. Play through the beginning of that one and I think you will find STRIKING similarities to a certain Netflix series. Ahem Stranger Things....

MasterCornholio858d ago

Pretty nice for a game like this.

frostypants857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

Any success for games with a non-mainstream approach is great. Love seeing variety succeed. There was a time a few years ago where it looked like everything would become an FPS...