GameStop Offers Last-Minute Shoppers Big Savings during Game Days

Last-minute shoppers can give more fun for less during GameStop's GAME DAYS sale from Dec.12-25.

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bluefox75540d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I now officially hate Gamestop. Waited in line for 45 minutes on black friday to get the PS4 Pro RDR2 bundle with $50 gift card, only for them to tell me they don't have any. I go home, order it from their website. 5 days pass and I don't even receive an order confirmation email (to this day, I have not received a single email from them regarding that order, despite emailing them numerous times). The Pro finally gets here two days later, but no mention of a gift card. I decided to call customer service, but they said the average wait time was an hour, and I didn't have the time. So, next day I tried again at a different time, thinking it was just busy, but no, still an hour wait. I had no choice, so I waited for an hour. When I got someone, they told me (in very poor english) my gift card number over the phone rather than emailing it to me. They also said I could "get the pin at a local gamestop". Recently, I decided to use the card, and went to my local gamestop. I explained to the salesperson what had happened, and he asked me for my pin. I explained what I was told from support. He looked puzzled, but then proceeded to call support as well, the same number I called apparently, because I waited in the store for nearly another hour while he was on hold. Finally they gave him my pin number and I was able to make my purchase. The whole experience was exhausting, and if I could go back in time, I'd just buy the Pro at full price without the gift card or game from somewhere else. No wonder this company is struggling, they're just awful.

Paytaa40d ago

I know your pain. For the first time in like 5 years, I walked into a Gamestop to take advantage of their deal where if you trade in your One S you'd get $250 off of a One X and if you couple that with RDR2 it would be an extra $100 off.

I waited close to an hour for that transaction to conclude after trying to sell me Gamestop potions or something crazy which of course I declined. All while they were arguing with a kid trying to pre-order a Smash Bros controller.

Last time I ever go there and hope they cease to exist in a few years. Would rather buy from anywhere else.

CaptainOmega40d ago

Yeah. I spoke to someone and her english was really bad.

TheOnlyMastrx40d ago

I ordered a Nintendo Switch on Cyber Monday and suppose to get a digital $50 Gamestop card and $35 Nintendo eShop card sent by email. Switch arrived 11/29 and my gift cards were still inaccessable to me so I emailed that day and haven't got an email back yet. (Emailed twice and DMed Twitter account) Really don't want to have to call because everywhere I have read an hour, two hours, or more on hold.

bluefox75539d ago

Agreed. Their customer service is atrocious. I get that things get busy around the holidays, but a corporation as big as gamestop surely could have prepared for it. Walmart hires a ton of temps for the holiday, I don't see why GS can't do that same.

DaDrunkenJester40d ago

I only go to Gamestop when I pick up used games for my daughter or something. Other than that I don't bother with them.

william_cade40d ago

HA! 40 usd for 76!? Got to be joking.

danny81840d ago

$30 for bfV isn’t bad might pick it up tomorrow

Exvalos39d ago

Idk been going to gamestop since it opened I've never had a problem, I buy my games and go, hell sometimes I go in there and chat games with the employees, i keep hearing these horror stories but i never seen or experienced them.

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