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kungfuian38d ago

Qoute from article "We shouldn’t be surprised when the confinement kids find themselves in today often yields behaviors we don’t understand and don’t like. Games satisfy psychological needs other areas of life are not satiating."

anonymousfan37d ago

Thanks for the heads up... Won't bother reading the rest if that's what they mean to say.

FinalFantasyFanatic37d ago

I believe this is also part of the reason why alot of young men are retreating to video games:

"We look for competence — the need for mastery, progression, achievement, and growth... And finally, we strive for relatedness — the need to feel like we matter to others and that others matter to us."

I feel like modern life is lacking this for alot of people, unfortunately on the flip side, I have met a few people I would consider Fortnite addicts who skip work and socializing or other commitments just to play.

crazyCoconuts37d ago

Is it that modern life lacks it or that it's easier/more appealing to acquire it via games?
I don't see any shortage of opportunity to master skills in modern life...

isarai38d ago

Fun Pass Time...

ss'pretty much it