In Death (PSVR) Review - Demon Video Game

Rob writes: - I love my PSVR headset, it’s allowed me to walk around spooky houses, become a sadistic doctor, overlook the adventures of a brave mouse, and even fend off hordes of Dinosaurs, Zombies, Robots, and Monsters. A genre which I’ve only had a great experience with so far is the Roguelike genre with the amazing The Persistence. As such, I was very excited and intrigued to see what Sólfar Studios‘ In Death could bring to the table.

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rob-GP1050d ago

I had a lot of fun playing and reviewing this for this site :) - one of the recent surprise releases on PSVR which instantly had me hooked and made me want to give it another go every time I died.

Rangerman12081050d ago

Now this is what The Walker should have been.