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"Warframe is a hugely popular online shared-world shooter for the PS4. However, you might be wondering how the game plays on PS Vita in remote play. Well, I got you covered! Here is my PS4 remote play review of Warframe for PS4." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Shiken849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

The game has been on PS4 how long, and we are just now getting this review? If you have a good connection, it is good. If not, it is bad. You are streaming the game from a PS4, you already know how it plays.

Judging from the name of the website and the timing, I cannot help but feel like this is a response to being able to play Warframe on Switch.

Warframe is great and should be enjoyed by everyone on all platforms. A simple updated PS4 review was all that was needed here.

Wrex369849d ago

Just commenting to say I just found this game on Switch(yes the rock I live under is very dark) and it has got to be the biggest surprise of the last 4-5 years.. I'm on my 21st daily box, and I'm already more than 140 hours in. So... Someone send help.

P_Bomb849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

I hear ya. Picked it up again this fall, tripled my previous total play time. Building my 13th frame as I type.

PS: The Fortuna hover boards also work in Plains of Eidolon! Happy day

himdeel849d ago

Warframe on Vita remote play has always been good.

Profchaos849d ago

might have been useful in 2013

ptownjbo849d ago

Warframe is a completely different game now, I enjoy remote-playing it :)