Here are the most photorealistic next-gen visuals, achieved with CRYENGINE & photogrammetry

DSOGaming writes: "Matthias Lindemann has been working on a scene in CRYENGINE and released some mind-blowing screenshots from it. Lindemann has used photogrammetry and the end result is as photorealistic as it can possibly get."

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AuToFiRE599d ago

Meh. Crytek is really going to have to step up its game to compete with even with UE4

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Segata598d ago

Yup...that's a bunch of wood.....yay I guess....

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EazyC598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

Good I guess....but am I the only one who's way more interested in AI at this point? Games really have reached an incredible detail level already, I mean look at what Horizon :ZD and GoW are doing on years-old technology!

Nice logs, but I doubt I will be stopping to admire each individual splinter while playing

wwinterj598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

Agreed. A.I has always been a pet peeve of mine and I do believe that games need to grow in those areas at this point. Unfortunately though A.I doesn't shift games to the casuals.

ravinash598d ago

Totally agree with this, with all the work being done on motion capture and graphics, they could at least put in the same effort into the A.I.
You would think how other companies are pedaling AI as the next big thing, some one would incorporate it into a game.

UltraNova598d ago

How will AI evolve if everyone and their mums are rushing into the online competitive/coop scene where no AI is needed since humans are the opponents amd Coop partners? If SP is dimished to a couple good realeases every year then why would anyone pour money amd time into developing a truly smart/complex AI system?

We need to stop wanting stuff aimlessly and start thinking about reality, and that is if we want to see some stuff happen we need to first not abandon the foundation on which its depended.

ravinash598d ago

Its looog looog, its big, its heavy, its wood!


Yep! AI definitely should be the focus for devs. One of the main reasons I can't wait to play RDR2 on PC is because of the way they designed the animations of the AI. They did a featurette before the game released that showcased how the bodies of AI would react to each individual bullet, and the death animation would coincide with the bullet animations.

It's also one of the things I'm keeping a close eye on with The Division 2. Not so much how enemies die, but how they react to the players. One of my biggest issues with The Division was how they increased enemy difficulty in Legendary Missions (the hardest difficulty in the game), by just increasing their armor/health pool, and turning them into The Flash with their movement abilities. I'd much rather see AI that is more tactical, and utilizes their own skills and abilities more accurately than being able to cross an open street and get within melee distance in less than a second.

starchild598d ago

I don't agree. There are still a lot of areas in game graphics that look poor and really detract from the visual experience. Things like pop-in, flickery low quality shadows, poor quality LODs at a distance, crappy water, aliasing, unnatural lighting and so on.

Sure, I want Ai to improve too, but that's a lot harder to do than some of you realize. And smarter AI doesn't always result in a more fun game. There really is a balance that needs to be found.

rainslacker598d ago

Even next gen, despite the power its going to have, this level of detail is a waste of time. Even assuming things like this can be done in bulk in real time, there is the part about actually making these resources, and that costs money.

Ability of hardware to do something, doesn't mean that it's best to actually do it. Is it good to spend time and money on a beautiful world, with boring, or pedestrian game play to explore it in?

Tools and hardware are constantly getting better. But they still require a human to make those assets on those tools, to utilize that hardware.

UnholyLight598d ago

Agree and disagree, I was disappointed this gen for what I was expecting graphics wise tbh. It wasn't the same jump as Xbox to Xbox 360 for example or PS3 to PS4. I really hope the jump this time is greater. I don't like playing games generally that have "childish" graphics ie Fortnite. Just not my deal. I want realism in my games and the tech is gonna be there soon!

Definitely agree on AI though.

Segata598d ago

I'm not interested in photorealism at all. I can go outside fo that. I love seeing style.

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boing1598d ago

Photogrametry doesn't require a lot of work to get this kind of quality. Meh.

Fishy Fingers598d ago

Even less to spell it correctly.

boing1598d ago

I guess English is your first language? Good for you. It's third for me.

Relientk77598d ago

That wood is OP, needs to be nerfed.

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