New PSVR Trailer Showcases Mighty Library of Stellar Games & Experiences

PlayStation showcases their stellar library of PSVR games and experiences.

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Abnor_Mal1254d ago

PSVR have many good games on it now, some games not so good. Wish that Bravo Team was less than twenty dollars in this first week holiday sale. Rick and Morty seems like it would be one and done, not sure which one if any to choose. Not in the sale but Perfect Sniper is fun but has terrible tracking with the Aim controller which leads to frustration and ultimately turning the game off. Drive club VR still the best on PSVR as it has more cars on track than GT Sport and Dirt Rally. I wonder if the bike expansion for Driveclub is also in VR, that would also be fun. Skyrim VR is still waiting to be played, just bought Moss and Creed. Soon will purchase Ace Combat7 and Truth and Blood when that finally comes out. Sony keep the games coming and you will have my support.

ApocalypseShadow1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

The good thing is that PSVR, "David," is slaying the naysayer "Goliath."

First with a couple of pebbles(launch games). Then, with a couple of rocks(first year games). Now, Sony is throwing boulders at the huge naysayer(2018 games). Proving that VR works and it's viable now. This strip is a perfect example of the naysayers

Abnor Mal, my suggestion is to get games that that don't play the same way twice. Linear games are still awesome. But find things that are fun with high replay ability. Like the old days of atari and Nintendo, Genesis and Turbografx.

Skyrim is a must. So much to do and so many ways to play it. But magic and archery is killer. In Death, Space Pirate Trainer, Bridge Crew, Super Hot endless mode, parlor games in Sports Bar, Carnival Games, racing games, flying games sports games, shooting games. Even something simple like Chess or Tetris never play the same each time. Creating limitless replay ability.

That's what you look for. At least, that's what I look for first. But PSVR is killing it. Good job Sony.

Abnor_Mal1254d ago

Most of the games you mention for me to try I already own barring In Death, Space Pirate Trainer and Bridge Crew. In Death looks good and I've already looked at Shugghead Gaming review, don't know about the procedural aspect but I guess when it's only one life it's okay. Tetris Effect I also want but looking for a price reduction and will get Astrobot early next year. Have no idea where you got the notion that I didn't play a variety of genres, all I said was Rick and Morty seemed like it would be a one and done game if you're lucky to get all the trophies. Same with the office/grocery/supermarket/res taurant/car repair simulator type games. Only other time you pull those out to play is to introduce others to the world of VR. Everything else I am fine with and was a day one PSVR owner. I have many VR games but just like my many many non PSVR I have a backlog and trying to get through everything, but I still buy the games to show Sony that the games are selling. Unfortunately life and responsibilities get in the way and time for video games gets limited.

sinspirit1254d ago

I love VR, I really want them to release VR controllers similar to the Oculus controllers. It takes getting used to. But, having an analog for movement is still the best way, unless you really want to invest in a big experimental set up with little support to input stationary walking inputs. I also prefer the right analog to still turn your body, while the VR will stay as your head. Spinning around causes issues, mainly with the cord. So, games are limited by keeping that in mind and putting a button to reset your view, which loses immersion imo. Using the right analog to still turn the camera even while you have head tracking makes it much more convenient and less restrictive.

ApocalypseShadow1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Sony will get there next Gen. Just like the original PS1 controller to the dualshock. Or from eyetoy to the PS camera. Those patents gives us a clue that they need analog and better tracking and they know it.

I can't wait for PS5 and its obvious improvements to the visual clarity. If it makes the current games look better until PSVR 2 comes out, that would be great.

ApocalypseShadow1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I didn't say you didn't. You said

"not sure which one if any to choose"

So I was just trying to help you out. And give you an example of how I pick games. And skyrim is a game you should try if you like that type of game. I never played the other ports so it was all new to me. I wait for sales too. I wasn't going to pay $60.

You then ask questions about driveclub motorcycles when I could have told you they aren't there. Perfect sniper was a below average game they could have done better with. I was expecting better and random sniping of bad guys. The reviews canned it. Glad I didn't buy it.

I also watch shugghead, polish paul, parole,etc to keep up on what's new. But if you don't like my assistance, then forget it.

The only other thing I was saying to the naysayers that dog psvr was that Sony has proven it's worth. Not that you were a naysayer. They say vr is dead. It's not and will grow. But whatever.

Abnor_Mal1254d ago

Well thank you for you insight in game choices. My dilemma of not knowing which to choose was only between Bravo Team and Rick and Morty, one being a not so good game and the other, in my opinion, is a one and done. I have Driveclub bikes but never tried it with the VR and knew in my heart it didn't work together, so that was just wishful. I also have never really gotten into Skyrim, played a little on PS3 but then gave up after I could not get to a mission on a snow covered mountain, but am willing to replay in VR. Agree that PSVR has proven its worth, unfortunately some still try to dog it, but that seems to be less now as more full games release.

S2Killinit1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Firewall: Zero Hour blows all other shooters out of the water (including none VR Shooters). Also, the cooperative aspect forces cooperation and teamwork like no other, making it great for finding good online buddies. Ever wonder what it would feel like to be in a actual shootout? This is it. Its a next generation FPS. Its a killer app for VR.

Abnor_Mal1254d ago

Not really into MP type of games and I have no friend that also owns a PSVR but I am interested in this game. I seems like a perfect game for VR but seems to require a true team of players, not a team of four randoms not working together. Will pick it up in a sale, hopefully I will find good people to play with and can teach me the ropes.

Vetgamer1254d ago

If psvr 2 can improve on the cable situation then I'll be back.

ninsigma1254d ago

Going to get Psvr again and get the mega pack this week. What I played when I first owned it was great and now there's way more awesome looking stuff! Gonna have a good Christmas break playing it 😁

LiViNgLeGaCY1254d ago

Yeah, 2018 has been absolutely awesome for PSVR, in terms of games.