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PowerUp: "My fears have been all but silenced and if the full game is as good as the bits I got to play, Resident Evil 2 Remake may just take its rightful place as my favourite game of all time."

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Hardiman42d ago

Great write up and really captured what many of us felt and feel about RE2! It was a generation defining game in 98 and from the sounds of it Capcom has not only honored the original but may have created one of the greatest horror games of all time!

I loved the original run of games, with 2 and Code Veronica being my favorites! I enjoyed what 4 was and is but that gem led to whatever part 5 and 6 are. Good action games but terrible convoluted RE games! So I'm thankful Capcom went back to basics with RE7 and while some complained about the perspective, I thought it added so much to the experience because you weren't Jill, Leon or any of the vets. You were an Everyman and it worked great. It got the RE series back on track and now the RE2 Remake is a month or so out and the word is Nemesis is getting the same treatment and hopefully Code Veronica will follow as well. Then they can get back into the numbered entries and go from wherever the Nemesis or the CV Remake leave off or continue what 7 set up. Either way I'm game and can't believe Resident Evil is getting back to what made it great in the first place!

prankster10142d ago

Great write-up, and totally agree.

Going to buy RE2 day one... The game just looks incredible.

michellelynn097641d ago

It is gonna have microtransactions. So, pass for me.

william_cade42d ago

I heard there will be MTs in RE2 of some kind. If capcom follows through with this, it will be like them taking a massive dump on what looks to be an awesome game.

mgszelda142d ago

Capcom was doing so well with MHW and REVII but it seems we're back to bs and it starts with SFV getting "voluntary" ads

william_cade42d ago

I hear SFV has ads in it. I haven't played a fighter in years because all the publishers chop them up and re-sell.

michellelynn097641d ago

You heard right unfortunately. RE2 is gonna have MT in it. So forget it.

DJStotty41d ago

i wouldnt pass on a good game just because it has MT's, every game more or less does these days so i guess you dont buy many games then?

doomster7141d ago

I don't want to jinx things, but I have a horrible feeling this game might be loaded with microtransactions. I hope not, but with the way AAA games are these day's (especially capcom's own SF5) I a bit scared for the game. I hope I'm wrong.

DJStotty41d ago

cosmetic MT's? I'm fine with that. How else could they have MT's?

michellelynn097640d ago

Who knows. We shall see. Also, most great games don't have MT.

michellelynn097640d ago

@DJStotty no actually, a lot of greqt games have no MT. BOTW, MO, XC2, Octopath, Pokemon, Smash, Doom, Skyrim, FF, indie games, DBFZ, Dark Souls, Spiderman, GOW and many others.

DJStotty33d ago

That is why i said "more or less" every game these days have some form of MT's in them.

You will get the odd one that does not, but all you listed was games a few years old other than spiderman. And indie games? i have a few indie games with MT's.

Your right, a lot of great games dont.