Sora from Kingdom Hearts Announced for Final Fantasy Game

Square Enix has announced that the protagonist of the original Kingdom Hearts, Sora, will be coming to an entirely different Final Fantasy game soon.

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PhoenixUp43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Shame on you Square Enix.

No Sora in Final Fantasy Dissidia NT or even World of Final Fantasy Maxima. No Sora cameo even in Wreck it Ralph 2. But this is the other Final Fantasy game you put Sora in to hype up KH3?

I can only imagine how people crying out for Sora to appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate will feel about this predicament. Then again there’s hardly any Square Enix content in that game, but that’s another topic.

If Sora had to appear in another mobile FF game after FF: Record Keeper, I’d rather it be Dissidia Opera Omnia over Brave Exvius anyday.

inxine42d ago

oh are u kidding me? i wanna play the game but its... the pay to win formular is so heavily present in this game. damn you haha