Cryptography failure leads to easy hacking for PlayStation Classic

Plug-and-play hardware lacks even basic functional security for crucial bootrom.

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Shikoku70d ago

And that's a benefit to everyone else now modders will probably fix the problem the system has or offer better emulation software plus you can add games.

HeisenbergX70d ago

I hope so because i want to buy this and add a ton of games from my childhood.

2pacalypsenow70d ago

If people don't bother to just emulate this on a PI, what makes you think they will bother with whatever they do here?

SegaGamer70d ago

Why would anybody buy this thing just so they can hack it and add roms later? Why not just download an emulator on a device they already own? Why bother wasting money on this thing at all?

ABizzel170d ago

I never understood any of these classic systems.

Your phone is more powerful than all of these things. Just buy a Bluetooth controller.

TheUndertaker8570d ago

@ABizzel1: I see your point but this is also coming

HeisenbergX70d ago

Well theres an easy anwser to that you arent collectors and that way of playing those games isn’t really authentic to me it’s not the same i want something i can hold and see in front of me and also i’m a big PS fan. I hate digital i buy physical versions of movies and games and music albums.

rainslacker70d ago

Because it's apparently an awful device. But it looks like a ps1, so people can spend $99 to feel like they're playing a real ps1. Always found it amusing that people said they'd just hack it to add more games they wanted after it came out. All I thought was that they're spending $100 on a fancy case.

darthv7269d ago

"Why ask why? Try Bud Dry"

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rainslacker70d ago

I doubt they tried too hard to keep this secure. These games..are already pirated everywhere, so why spend excessive time trying to prevent it for what amounts to a one time sale novelty system. It's not really like they need contraband protect an ongoing recurring revenue with it. Even if they did, even the excessive stuff they did with the vita didn't do much to prevent it.

Article is making it out like Sony failed miserably, when most people were saying they expected the hack anyways. Sony doesn't care. If you spend $99 On the system, then they made their money

Muzikguy69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Adding more games would make it more enticing that’s for sure. I’d be more willing to buy it if I could add more games to it. Playing these games on a phone sucks and I’ve been wanting to get a laptop but this would still be nice as an emulation device.

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Cobra95170d ago

Excellent. Now this novelty toy may actually become useful, and ironically, will probably sell more than it otherwise would have. Adding the games it should have had from the beginning would be a nice start.

CrimsonPheonix69d ago

I saw this coming a mile away. they didn't want to pay the licensing fees for all the games people would want on there so they stuck a bunch a bs on there and made it easily hackable to get around it.

blacktiger70d ago

cryptography failture??? LOL it's inevitable if your hardware sucks,

RomanPSX70d ago

Ok. now I will be buying it.

elazz70d ago

Somehow I think this was on purpose

isarai70d ago

Exactly, i mean c'mon what type of security has a hole so simple to bypass that all you gotta do is hook up a gaming keyboard and hit escape. Pretty sure they barely bothered with security as it cannot hold sensitive info, and pretty sure they had a good idea that as is wasnt going to make decent numbers. Probably figured if you vould hack itll sell more, and it will

CrimsonPheonix69d ago

Thank you it's so obvious this was always the intent!

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