.Hack Developer CyberConnect2 Shows Off Recently-Opened Montreal Studio

Today CyberConnect2 released a new video showcasing a studio tour of its recently-opened location in Montreal, Canada, which was opened in 2017.

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1052d ago
BlaqMagiq11052d ago

That's great now let's get remasters/remakes of the original 4 games please!

Tross1051d ago

As someone who was introduced to the series through the Last Recode collection, I concur. I'd also love for some of the other media to get re-released too as I really like this franchise but trying to follow it all is next to impossible at this point in time and I want to support as much of it as possible legally.

BlaqMagiq11051d ago

Exactly. It's damn near impossible to get the fourth volume unless you wanna go on eBay and fork up a couple hundred dollars. It's ridiculous.