“I've always used the opportunity to make political statements in Metro games” - Dmitry Glukhovsky

From VG247: “I've always used the opportunity to make political statements in Metro games precisely because games have the right to make these messages."

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kalkano44d ago

Nobody said they didn't "have the right". Problem is, not everyone wants to hear you standing on your soapbox, and are driven away from the product by it.

OmnislashVer3643d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Sucks for you. I enjoy it. Not everyone likes hearing you complain either.

I'm sure his games will sell fine without your purchase.

rand043d ago

Not everyone likes hearing you complaining about him complaining.

SenorFartCushion43d ago

Grow up.

The one thing that'll always let this planet down are whingy, childish idiots complaining about political sentiment.

While people like you moan about things like this, entire institutions, in charge, and built to help milk normal working people of everything they own continue to run freely. Guess why? Because they don't have any body there whinging about political sentiment.

ginganinja43d ago

It's worrying that there are times and places where entertainment has been the only way to get out political opinions other than that of an overbearing government/regime and yet here we are with folks who want to shut it down voluntarily.

annoyedgamer43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Its Russian politics. You wont recognise it anyways. It effectively shuns authoritians like Communists and Nazis. I cant detail further without spoiling anything. You will enjoy the book and game.

In fact the Metro film has just been cancelled because the creators wanted to "americanize" it.

annoyedgamer43d ago

Update: Nevermind. I read his comments, he's gone full SJW,and lost his nuanced approach. RIP.

bluefox75543d ago (Edited 43d ago )

This guy is an idiot. He's trying to pin the holocaust to nationalism, which is nonsense. That kind of slaughter only happens in socialist countries, like the soviet union and mao's China (nothing to do with nationalism). It does not happen in non-socialist countries who are also nationalistic, like eastern Europe currently. Trump and brexit, and the rise of nationalism in general are reactions to the push for globalism. That's why these movements are considered populist and resonate with the working class. Rich people benefit from the move towards globalism, poor and working class do not. This guy seems to think it's all because these working class people are just a bunch of rubes who have been duped by propaganda. Can't stand this elitist attitude that many have where they think they know what's best for working class people, and they should just accept it because they're too dumb to think for themselves. So arrogant.

Vaan22243d ago

Lol man, what are you smoking?
Holocaust happens in Germany, who was ussr main enemy. Socialistic ussr biggest fighter with holocaust in the world, so what are talking about?
China was almost destroyed by western capitalists. And now it first economic in the world, whats can happens only under communist party rule.

You read to much bs, about socialism. What is real devil - countrys who supports Syrian "moderate rebels" (lol), and nazys in Ukraine.

Mirdus43d ago

@Vaan222 Yeah ignore the part about USSR where Stalin killed millions of own citizens. The USSR was as evil as was Nazi Germany, both with twisted, disgusting ideologies, difference was Soviets could keep their crimes against humanity a secret for half a century.

Communists? Fascists? Both are absolutely disgusting.
And China? It is no longer communistic as defined by Karl Marx, China of today is more capitalistic than some Western countries are. The Chinese call it Socialism with Chinese twist. They do not see themselves as communist, hasn't since the 70's.

SenorFartCushion43d ago

You don't know what socialism is lol

Cobra95143d ago

The truth, my friend. It doesn't cause cancer either, but enlightenment.

Cobra95143d ago

So refreshing to see perfect clarity posted, particularly here.

FilthyWeeb43d ago

I just want to play videogames and have fun playing them without a political agenda being forced down my throat or being told that I'm a bad person, is that too much to ask?

OmnislashVer3643d ago (Edited 43d ago )


Everything has a political agenda. The entire reason anime is so popular in the first place is it has an agenda for themes like:

-male/female rivalry
-interdependence/independence /intervention
-parties that are comprised of nearly 50/50 males/females
-taking on a hierarchy


If I said I wanted all do that in Hollywood you'd probably start screaming "I'm melting".

Honestly why WOULDN'T you want an agenda? The entire basis of having a story is it relates to YOU. They have HUMAN themes because they're made for a HUMAN audience so they'll show HUMAN agendas.

That's how reality works.

If they didn't we'd be stuck playing Pong. It's hard to imagine any story being shown without an agenda even existing. And technically any agenda can be political.

Congrats, you played yourself. You hate gaming.

43d ago
OmnislashVer3643d ago (Edited 43d ago )

No, that's how ALL OF reality works. Politics and our realities are interchangeable entirely.

Just because you hate to admit literally ANY and EVERY story in existence has an agenda, and literally ANY agenda can be considered political, doesn't make it any less true.

What you mean to say is you don't like agendas which disagree with your agenda. And the fact you have a stance right now means you literally have an agenda of your own. You're literally arguing a point of conference- ie, having an agenda.

OmnislashVer3643d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Disagrees are competing with a dictionary. Amazing how much dissonance is going around.

You can't rewrite the definition of agenda or politics. Give it up.

OmnislashVer3643d ago (Edited 43d ago )

A point of conference: Agenda.

I hope every time you open your mouth to speak you remember you have an agenda from now on because pretending you don't have one is by definition, ridiculous and impossible.

Relating to public affairs in a country: Political.

Everything is political.

The mere idea that these things aren't is absolutely crazy. The idea that you don't have a political agenda that affects everything you do is absolutely nuts, especially in an art form like gaming. Taking down a boss could be considered a political agenda if you're going to be that perceptive about it.

OmnislashVer3643d ago

Point is, everything has a political agenda if you're going to be that perceptive. If you don't like his then speak up on why. Don't pretend there is such a thing as a story without one.

FilthyWeeb42d ago

Why are you being so pretentious, all I want is a story without something being shoved down my throat, that's entirely possible.

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BondJames43d ago

Good there will be no movie but i can t wait for Exodus

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