Sony Exec: PS4 Pro a Good Example of Necessary Evolution; Our Players Demand Single Player Games

Sony executive Warwick Light called PS4 Pro a good example of necessary evolution. He then remarked how PlayStation fans demand single player games like God of War, Spider-Man and the other exclusives released this year.

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codelyoko859d ago

At least now Xbox will get great single player too with the new studios.

KaiPow859d ago

Hopefully that includes whatever Playground is working on.

bluefox755859d ago

I have very little faith in MS these days. Here's hoping they prove me wrong.

Kribwalker859d ago


these days? Your hate for all things xbox has never alllowed you to have faith in them at all. At least that’s what your comment history shows...

859d ago
Razzer859d ago


what does any of that have in similarity with Rare?

sampsonon859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

you think MS is going to invest in AAA single player games for their 10$ per month service? lol
if that happens i will pay 10$ finish a couple AAA new single player games and then cancel the sub.
wash and repeat whenever a new AAA single player game comes out.

let's hope :) but doubt you will see AAA games on that service. MP micro transaction games? yup. AA games with a ton of bugs? check.

this was MS plan the whole time and by acclimatizing their player base this gen with such hits as sea of thieves and state of decay, both AA buggy games, they lowered the bar so in the future AA games on the service will be expected and celebrated.

Crackdown anyone?

oh! and the Netflix argument is a bad one because movies make their money in the theater first, then a year later they sell it to Netflix to get every penny they can.

Kribwalker859d ago


“oh! and the Netflix argument is a bad one because movies make their money in the theater first, then a year later they sell it to Netflix to get every penny they can.”

i never knew that netflix original content, some of the best rated shows out there released elsewhere first.

“let's hope :) but doubt you will see AAA games on that service. MP micro transaction games? yup. AA games with a ton of bugs? check. “

we’ve already seen plenty of single player only AAA games on there, as well as MP ones that don’t have MTs (forza horizon 4 for one) so you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

UCForce859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

We will see about that. But we know MS heavily focus on Gaas, they will put some online portions of their upcoming games to keep their “longevity”.

@cigi But here the thing, Sony building their own studio more than buying.

@Kribwalker Let me tell you this, Sony won’t go down that easily in next generation.

Edit : MS do care about winning of market just like every companies. So don’t try to say that they don’t care. The market is important factor of every industries, not just gaming industry.

Cobra951859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Story about Sony, first reply to the first post is about Xbox. Hmm.

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nucky64859d ago

years ago, when they purchased RARE, this was being said as well - i hope MS does but we'll see.

spwittbold859d ago

Yeah, I don't know. In Spencer's early years taking over Xbox, they had stated they wanted to make games that "bring people together," i.e. the focus on co-op, multiplayer, etc. While I'm glad they purchased some new studios and there's a lot of potential, single player is my preference most of the time. Granted there are some mp games that are incredible, I ust don't have the time anymore to be playing online games, waiting for friends, making parties - rather play an awesome game with amazing narrative and fun combat on my own time when c

Thundercat77859d ago

That's not a fact. Just your hopes.

Brazz859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Xbox will get single player games, but we still need to wait and see if they are going to be good... or not.

trooper_859d ago

New studios doesn't automatically equal games. We have to hear AND see progress too.

NarutoFox859d ago

How about let's wait and see.

kayoss859d ago

How can you declare something that havnt even happened yet.
Remember when people said, "Xbox one X going to stomp PS4"
Remember when people said, "Xbox one will focus exclusives."
Remember when people said, "Power is all that matter and Xbox One X will have it."

Remember how all those came true? because i dont.

Hardiman859d ago

It would be great but my lack of faith isn't without merit. Xbox was the first console I bought as an adult with my own money. I was 21 and thought it was great another was stepping in the game.

I along with many have seen it go from awesome to where we are today and M$ did this to themselves.

I said all this to say those who just write off those that have lost faith in or like me am actually a little bitter towards M$, need to understand that once upon a time we were huge fans but after being burned so many times you just cut it loose.

Muzikguy859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Honestly, if you’ve waited this long, you’ve wasted your time

Muzikguy859d ago (Edited 859d ago )


“oh! and the Netflix argument is a bad one because movies make their money in the theater first, then a year later they sell it to Netflix to get every penny they can.”

I think that people forget about this. They just want AAA for cheap. That’s not happening.

i never knew that netflix original content, some of the best rated shows out there released elsewhere first.

No. I think of it as Netflix took your money and took it upon themselves to use it for making their own content instead of paying to provide content to you created by someone else. So to me, they played people there. Sure some are decent but that was never why I wanted a Netflix sub. There’s so many places to get original content these days. It’s ok though VUDU and others are free

william_cade859d ago

The will be sure to provide their customers with top of the line games as a service. hahahaha I don't think they will take a serious look at offline single player games.

letsa_go859d ago

@Kribwalker Yeah those straight to netflix Adam Sandler movies and Fuller House are definitely award winning!

kreate859d ago

But ... MS did make single player games this gen. Recore, Ryse, quantum break, and also embraced games like cuphead.

Im not sure what u guys are talking about ...

I just wished they made more games.

Kribwalker859d ago

“kayoss8h ago
How can you declare something that havnt even happened yet.
Remember when people said, "Xbox one X going to stomp PS4"
Remember when people said, "Xbox one will focus exclusives."
Remember when people said, "Power is all that matter and Xbox One X will have it."

Remember how all those came true? because i dont.”

Nobody said that. What they did say was that the scorpio was gonna be the most powerful. which it is. And that it will sell well, which it is.

“letsa_go1h ago
@Kribwalker Yeah those straight to netflix Adam Sandler movies and Fuller House are definitely award winning”

hmm house of cards and orange is the new black are both emmy winning. Stranger things? The OA? Haunting of hill house? all highly rated shows made by netflix

bouzebbal859d ago

cannot get SP experiences when the boss said they weren't relevant anymore..

MrPickles2018858d ago

Xbox?? I thought this was a Playstation article...

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opc859d ago

@sampsonon You'll notice Netflix is dumping billions into creating their own content that has never been on network tv or in a theater

trouble_bubble859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

And then canceling those same shows. WOW! We’re SO lucky lol!

Netflix blows. They canceled Daredevil at its peak but renewed Fuller House. Luke Cage and Iron Fist sucked. Who are some of you kidding, like this is top rated success. Bright is a 26% on RT, Cloverfield Paradox is 20%. Mowgli is brand new, dying at 54%. Insatiable is 10% which I’ve never even seen a videogame hit.

It’s not bloody sustainable. Which is why they’re raising the price. As will GaaS subs. Unless you want crap games too.

dumahim859d ago

Netflix is cancelling the Marvel shows because Disney is starting up their own streaming service and will be a competitor, not because of the quality or how many people watch.

opc859d ago


What's your point though? I simply pointed out Netflix is trying to get away from buying shows and movies in favor of making their own shows.

CbyTrner859d ago

@trouble_bubble Netflix is only raising the price on the 2 and 3 device plans, the 7.99 1 device is staying the same

Also they haven't raised prices in 7 years. What? Did you think it was going to stay the same price forever? You do know what inflation is right? 10 bucks in 2011 isn't the same as 10 bucks today. 10 bucks in 2011 is 11.23 in 2017, roughly a 1.23 increase which is roughly on point with the Netflix 2 device price increase

Its very sustainable if you have the volume for it, thats what Walmart can sell stuff so cheap, because they sell a lot of it

Muzikguy859d ago


I say that same thing but people don’t believe it. Prices will go up if you want after games. Nobody would release the best they’ve got for a dirt cheap sub that’s spread across hundreds of games. They’d make no money. I’m not in favor of GaaS at all

trouble_bubble859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

They didn’t cancel the marvel shows due to Disney’s streaming. They still have a deal to air the shoes they’ve already produced. Disney streaming isn’t for R rated content like daredevil

The writers, marvel execs and actors literally didn’t see this coming. Read their tweets. Punisher and Jessica Jones still have seasons.

I responded to your PM then see this repeat. They just raised the price in Canada last year. Don’t fake news me about 7 years with no rate hike, sustainable Walmarts while Target didn’t even last a year up there, and Shaw’s streaming service Shomi getting canceled.

dumahim859d ago


Netflix owns the rights to those shows. It was Netflix that cancelled them because Disney will be a competitor. Of course they're going to run the shows that have finished filming. Of course Marvel people didn't know about it. It was Netflix that cancelled them. And of course the shows aren't meant for Disney, because Netflix owns the rights to the shows.

trouble_bubble859d ago

Jessica Jones isn’t done filming. They coulda canceled that too. They will next as it’s a pointless continuity now with the rest of the Defenders gone. The returns havent been good

If they were afraid of competition it would make more sense NOT to cancel those shows. Keep em hostage like Universal is with Hulk distribution rights. That way Disney cant do anything with them on their channel. Fox did, and wouldn’t strike a deal with Marvel for Galactus and Surfer Surfer. Disney had to buy them outright.

Netflix could hold all these characters hostage. Instead they saw the poor ratings for Iron Fist, Defenders, Luke Cage etc: down from previous years. kicked em. Agents of shield and Inhumans suck. Agent Captain America’s Girlfriend got canceled after one season. Not everything Marvel is a threat

They have other “competitor” shows on Netflix too. That argument is not an argument. Most of their content is licensed. tWalking Dead belongs to AMC. You pay a cable bill to get AMC. But if you don’t want to, Netflix has every bloody season. Flash is on the CW network as is Black Lightning. But it’s also on Netflix like a week later. Titans is on WB’s streaming service but Netflix will be showing that too. Trailers are on Netflix as I type. Their competition IS their content.

Again. WB has a DC streaming service too. That’s a competitor. Has Netflix pulled all the DC stuff? All the animated and DCEU? NO. Suicide Squad is up as I type. Flash. Titans still coming.

Disney has the rights to Daredevil. They’ve even said the character will be back one day. They could start a reboot Daredevil TV show tomorrow but that was never the plan. Netflix screwed them over. They fought with marvel over creative control. Word is they wanted shorter seasons going forward.

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Obscure_Observer859d ago

"PS4 Pro a Good Example of Necessary Evolution"

Hmm... PS5 Pro confirmed! ;)

Muzikguy859d ago

Why do you say that? Are they re-releasing 4K mid gen again?

858d ago
gamer7804859d ago

yes follow the demands/needs of your customers, this includes anti japanese game policies that are censored by their HQ in Cali

Why o why858d ago

Seems you focused on that over game of the year level games year on year. . . . .cute

Vizigoth04859d ago

Exactly and if you're going to experiment with new ideas, don't segregate or forget you main userbase.

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Nyxus859d ago

"Buzzwords are one thing, what our players are demanding is another. There’s still a huge audience for games that offer the best in single player narrative with stunning gameplay, as witnessed by the enormous popularity of both Spider-Man and God of War in this year’s charts."

Very true!

RpgSama859d ago

WOW!! MAD respect to Sony for saying it straight up, publishers and developers following buzzwords like Battle Royale and Games As A Service and SJW instead of just doing what they are good at its what's killing this business and at the same time those games always underperform.

Dragonscale859d ago

@darth, social as in socialism and identity politics. Its infiltrated everywhere including games nowadays a la ea and dice. Sarkesian is a prime example as well.

aconnellan859d ago

I don’t think they apply as ‘buzzwords’, I think the term you’re looking for is ‘trend’.

‘Battle Royale’ is a trend, and ‘Games as a Service’ are a trend. I don’t know why you included SJW - what does that have to do with anything? If anything, that’s a term gamers started using, why would it be a ‘buzzword’ that other devs/pubs are following? I doubt that devs sit down and say “okay guys, how can we make our next game more SJW?”

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opc859d ago

ha I just read this after reading that Jade Raymond piece where she does nothing but spout off buzzword after buzzword about social gaming.

This is a breath of fresh air

dumahim859d ago

Yeah, it's funny how these two articles are right next to each other at the top.

UCForce859d ago

Now that’s i’m willing to support Sony.

Thatgrammar859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

That is not an accurate definition of “SJW.” Also, doesn’t everyone other than small groups in America and Europe want/believe its good to have the co-mingling of races, creeds, and religions?
Also, I beleive the term social justice warrior is a derogatory term for someone who promotes socially progressive views. I don’t beleive co-mingling is a progressive veiw in todays society.

Dragonscale859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

There isn't a good definition tbh lol. So what is the definition then? Is it not social justice warrior as in socialism. They are toxic tbh. Btw diversity is an sjw agenda.

Omnislashver36859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

"Doesn't everyone"

How about them being in the minority for one. America is one of the most racist countries on Earth. We could go into statistics all day to prove this and you'd probably turn a blind eye. This is why I'd rather deal with SJWs than Anti-SJWs any day of the week.

rainslacker859d ago

It's not that people don't want social equality, or they aren't willing to support it or fight for it. SJW is a pejorative term to classify a specific type of person, within a group of like minded individuals, that do such things with complete disregard to any and all social input beyond their own world view. Often through bullying and shame tactics, and they fight fights which really don't affect social equality at all. They tend to be the most ineffectual form of advocate for social equality, because they are shallow in their attempts, and their interests actually tend to lie outside of real social reform, and instead focus on the most meaningless of things which won't affect society in the least....all while annoying and pissing everyone who may be interested in their target of the month off.

Why o why858d ago

The term has become weaponized. Somebody who fights for social justice isn't inherently bad. I've heard some good people doing campaigning for progressive things labelled as sjw. I'm also against anti worthy social justice. You'll find a lot of right wing thinkers get irked by people standing up for wronged people. I detest that

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Redemption-64859d ago

Word up, I have always found a balance between single player and online. But as of later, I have shifted to single player, haven’t played online in literally months. I hope Sony finds great success in that department

Shikoku859d ago

They pretty much are that department currently

Rimeskeem859d ago

Nintendo does have Zelda and Mario but lately they seem to be more focused on online areas such as mario kart, party, splatoon, and smash.

Shikoku858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

@ rimeskeem

If you want an adult story driven narrative then its pretty much Sony I habent want to play anything on Nintendo since Metroid Prime 2 on the gamecube.

859d ago Replies(3)
hiawa23859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

I am oldschool, and prefer gaming at a time where there was no internet, so I am single player first, co-op online 2nd and not into adversarial online multiplayer at all. Well said, Sony.

Cmv38859d ago

Maybe im in the minority, but I don't want Sony to box themselves in with single player only content. Sony has always been the console to get everything from. They have some great ip for multiplayer, and a big enough fan base to cater to every gamer. The moment they go down the route of single player focus instead of game focus... they'll lose focus. And I've been gaming since '88

DaDrunkenJester859d ago

Well tbf, Uncharted has had MP since the second game and TLoU also has MP. Killzone Shadows Fall also had MP, but I get what you're saying. None of these MP's really have a hardcore following or are in depth enough to really bother investing a ton of time into since they're more of a casual MP shooter. Bring back MAG and a proper SOCOM, sony!

UCForce859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

But what about modern online gaming ? Sure, there are some good online games but most of publishers just want to Modernization heavily by adding more new stuffs, way too much grindy and BS MT in AAA games. Single players is still a game.

ExPresident858d ago


We'll never get another MAG and thats a damn shame.

hiawa23856d ago

There should be no worries as devs will continue to make their games as they see fit. If that is sp or mp or a mix, other than the 1st party games that Sony Studios make I don't think they have control over what the 2nd party devs make.