Neocrisis: New Resistance 2 Screens

Neocrisis: 7 new screens.

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FBl4277d ago

The Xbox 360 can not handle the title screen of Resistance 2

fufotrufo4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

HUH?? and this looks better than Gears of war 2?

absolutely hideous

pleaseeee..don't tell me thats blood! lol

Mr Fancy Pants4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

you bots are delusional! i can't believe that with plenty of videos on of Resistance 2 you come here to bash the game because of some poor quality pics.

here is all the proves you want my friend:

videos > pics

n4gzz4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

I have one beta key which i used it for about a week. I am too busy playing LBP right now. So i decided to wait to play full game on NOV 4th. First to PM me will get the key. I am all about sharing. Not sure if this is sharable but worth give try. :D
edit : it is for US (not sure if it is restricted by region either)

EDIT: Key is GONE.

Jandre024277d ago

Of f*cking walls? lol

This is all from the 8player co-op. Graphically bland I admit, but if you played you would understand why they had to do this. (A LOT of enemies, and they are all intelligent AI for the most part)

gamerdude114276d ago

They are posting the some of the poor textures found in the online. You can find low resolution textures in any highly rated game.

I'm in the beta and have never seen a pool of blood like that. The 8 player cooperative will be the best online experienced found in any game on any system this year.

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