Counter-Strike: Global Offensive getting review-bombed on Steam

The decision to make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free to play doesn't seem to be sitting well with the game's existing playerbase, who have been review-bombing the game's Steam page with more than 22,000 negative reviews since.

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JEECE44d ago

Seriously? "Oh no, I paid $15 for this game 4 years ago, I can't believe it's free now."

ocelot0744d ago

I am not completely up to date with the CS GO community. But I think it's more to do with cheaters. CS GO has always had it's fair share of cheaters using aim bots. They would then get banned fairly quickly. Some would just open a new steam account and buy the game again due to it being so cheap.

Now that it's free to play. I can only imagine more people will hack. If they get banned they will simply make a new steam account and download the game again for free.

slate9144d ago

Why are gamers like this

kevnb43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Its just people, in the past they would just be complaining to their friends but now everyone can see it. Its not even most people, it only takes a few hundred to make it seem like a lot. In this case, millions play csgo every day so ya expect a few negative nancies.

MetroidFREAK2144d ago

Bunch of babies. Gamers are really immature

kevnb43d ago

you are generalizing based on a small percentage of csgo players? Million play this game every day, of course some of them are idiots.

MetroidFREAK2143d ago

That community is well known for being extremely toxic and ego centric. The people who are complaining are idiots. F2P brings new players to your game. Sure it will lower the skill ceiling, but then again video games are supposed to about fun. As for the BR mode, I personally couldn't care any less about that

NewUser10143d ago

If you were mature and actually cared to look into things before judging others (again, very immature) then you'd realize that people are upset about this due to CHEATERS.

MetroidFREAK2143d ago

Lol do you not think I understand what happens when games go F2P? You think I'm that daft? Been playing video games for 24 years. Guess they'll have to be more vigilant on the anti cheating stuff huh? From what I can recall though, the in game device is usually pretty good at that.

sander970244d ago

Well I'm just happy Valve finally started moving again, maybe we can even get a real game in 2019.
Gmod 2 anyone?

SickSinceSix44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

They even have the nerve to ask players that already bought the game to pay extra for Prime Status. Adding insult to injury, all you get for owning the game before Danger Zone was released is just a Loyalty badge.

This is the third article I've seen that says existing buyers automatically got upgraded to Prime, I didn't.

SickSinceSix44d ago

Nevermind, the game's still showing I have to pay for Prime Status on the store page but I have it in game, Steam just has to fix their store page. I'd rather play Quake: Champions these days anyway.

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