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The latest iteration of the popular Fallout franchise has ditched single player for a more diverse experience, but it ends up failing in a big way.

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TheDarkArtisan1255d ago

So you rate the game lower than the low Metacritic scoring games Shaq Fu, Earthfall, Hello Neighbour, Fear Effect Sedna... grow up please.

Nyxus1255d ago

I would rather play The Quiet Man than this game.

william_cade1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

76 is an awful and broken game with a polished MT shop hahahahaah It was lucky to get a 3, which is a fair score for a game that has only one goal: rip-off gamers.

TeamIcoFan1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

*David Attenborough voice*
Here we see a member of a dying species, the Bethesdasus Shillis, or to use it's common name, the Bethesda Shill. Cursed with the inability to reproduce, this species is doomed to die out due to over-hunting by it's natural predators, Common Sense and Objectivity.
The Bethesda Apologist is a rather aggressive species, quick to anger and attack others should they display any signs of intelligence.

GBG_Jason1254d ago

Hey, as you can see in the review, the original score was actually much higher. Sadly, more time with game lead to my colleague feeling worse about it, reflected by the current score. Please understand that we don't seek out other reviews to determine our own, so they may be higher or lower than the Metacritic average. It's completely dependent on the reviewer's feeling on the game. We're glad to hear you are enjoying it though!

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