PSA from Playstation - PS3 and PS Vita PlayStation Plus Reminder Email

PlayStation is currently sending out emails to remind users about upcoming changes to the PlayStation Plus free games program

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PhoenixUp44d ago

There should be 6 free PS4 games moving forward like how there used to be 6 free monthly PS3 games

That’d be an awesome trade off

TerminalGamer44d ago

At least one free PSVR game a month would be nice.

subtenko43d ago

They should work on porting some free PC vr games or something. Ya know the ones that are good but the dev or they wont put effort into a ps4 version. the freebies already, what they got to lose?

shaggy230342d ago


And yet they are removing PS vita and PS3 games from the PS+ service.

So your getting less for the same price.

Like I said, they no longer need to try.

UltraNova42d ago


True, but how long do you expect them to support long gone and forgotten platforms? Do you see anyone else doing something similar?

shaggy230343d ago


It would be awesome, but it won't happen.

Sony has won this generation hands down. They no longer need to "try". Unfortunately when a company wins so easily they take their eye of the ball. Happened with Sony going into the PS3 generation and with Microsoft going into the Xbox One generation.

JBlaze22643d ago

Techincally the only thing Sony won is the exclusives.

_FantasmA_43d ago

Nonsense. Sony is doing great, but to to say they are perfect and don't need to try anymore? PS3 had a better Plus experience. It was free to play online, Plus was $10 cheaper, and they gave out big games, not mostly indies like PS4 has been doing. Plus went downhill in the PS4 era, probably because they stopped trying since people had to buy it anyways to play online. Don't be a blind fanboy, Sony has lots of areas where they could improve.

shaggy230343d ago


Believe me I'm not a fanboy of Sony or Microsoft, I own both the PS4 and the Xbox One X, if anything I'm a fan of gaming.

I'm not saying Sony couldn't improve, all I'm saying is that as far as sales is concerned, they have this generation "sales war" in the bag.

For proof that companies loose their way, look at what happened when the PS3 was announced. They tried to sell a $600 console, and the Sony CEO basically said if you couldn't afford it too work harder (I'm paraphrasing, but that was the jist)

When the 360 was dominating (due in part to Sony's $600 price tag) they cut back on expenses like all of the media based shows, podcaster events etc. (Look it up, it happened)

Dragonscale43d ago

@jblaze, technically thats bullcrap.

UltraNova42d ago


"They no longer need to "try""
Seeing as this is a PS Plus article, Sony has just released Soma and Onrush on Plus. They also had a stellar year of "free" Plus games. So if that's Sony "no longer trying" I can only imagine how things will be if they do.

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mkis00742d ago

They cant afford to offer games for so many devices with that same sub, so in preparation they are removing ps3 and vita so they can offer ps5 games to plus in addition to the ps4 games. Wouldnt surprise me if they add a vr game in the interim before ps5 is actually announced.

Either way the March or april games list should get interesting.

BrettAwesome43d ago

Coinciding with the reveal of PSV

shaggy230343d ago

Doubt it, more than likely Sony has been looking at the amount of people that play the PS3/PS Vita PS+ games and decided it wasn't worth the cost.

Why offer a service is very few people use it?

mkis00743d ago

why is that more likely than getting ready to offer games for their next console?

shaggy230342d ago


Because they are removing PS Vita and PS3 games from plus in March. You think the PS5 is getting released in March? At the absolute best it'll be released end of 2019.

So that's roughly six to nine months that they are charging the same price, but offering less content.

mkis00742d ago

Why wouldnt they just offer more ps4 games to make up for it? I very much doubt they will be keeping the same amount of ps4 games starting on that date. They will be starting to offer something more to make up for the difference.

shaggy230342d ago


And yet it makes no mention in the press announcement that they are upping the amount of PS4 games.

Like I said, Sony is way way WAY out in front, they no longer need to try.

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Exvalos43d ago

For everybody pissed off, fear not we will be getting free ps5 games soon enough

shaggy230343d ago

If by "soon enough" you mean in 2020 then ye, we will.

Some people's definition of "soon enough" may be a little different though.

Veneno42d ago

Not just 2020 but Fall 2020. Which is almost 2021. Thats 2 years from now. Not exactly around the corner.

mkis00742d ago (Edited 42d ago )

With them skipping e3 and psx I give it until spring 2020 absolute latest. They are saving everything for an info dump coming up on their own terms.

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