Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Already This Year's Best-Selling Video Game on Amazon

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is crushing it's competition becoming the best-selling video game on Amazon in just one short day!

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ZeekQuattro45d ago

This will probably end up like Mario Oydessey where in a month or two Nintendo will announce the game sold over 8 million.

EddieNX 45d ago

Fully deserved. Everything about this game oozes class.

Sgt_Slaughter44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I think 20+ people don't like that another company can make fantastic games for systems they don't use, judging by the dislikes.

shuvam0945d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Surprisingly true...
But when the list has Mario Party at higher place than GoW, I can understand why you'd say so :p

thejigisup44d ago

Title is a lie, it's not the years best selling game it's just selling really well.

michellelynn097643d ago

No, it is the top seller on Amazon.

thejigisup42d ago

@ michellelynn, you dont know how Amazon best sellers list works. Title says it's already this year's best selling video game. For context, God of war sold 5 million in one month, it has passed 9 million copies sold by now. Smash Bros was launched on the 7th, if that game sold 9 million copies by now it'd be the best selling game of all time by a long shot. As of August the switch almost sold 20 million, let's just say that by now they are at 23 million that means almost half of the people that own a switch would have had to purchase the game. It just doesn't make sense. Amazon takes what is best selling right now and puts it on the list. It's not a list for the best sellers of the year as this list is meant to show what's hot right now. So saying "no, it is the top seller on Amazon" is a false statement if you are attempting to refute my statement you are wrong and have failed horribly. I hope you are now enlightened by Amazon's best sellers list not being a cumulative ranking over the course of the year, for future reference.

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The story is too old to be commented.