PlayStation 4 Outsells the Xbox 360

The PlayStation 4 has outsold the lifetime sales of the Xbox 360, according to VGChartz estimates.

The PlayStation 4 sold 533,999 units for the week ending November 17, 2018 to bring its lifetime sales to 86.15 million units. This compares to the Xbox 360 with sales of 85.80 million units.

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NarutoFox857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

I'm sure everyone already knew this was going to happen. I expect it to outsell the Wii too.

trunkswd857d ago

It should outsell the PS1 as well. Even passing the Game Boy is possible. PS2 and DS with sales over 150 million is likely out of reach, but I wouldn't say impossible. It depends how much Sony support the console and when the PS5 launches.

NarutoFox857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

It's possible

Theknightofnights857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

Sony consoles have a tendency to sell well pretty far outside of their lifetime. I think the PS2 was at 110 million when the PS3 launched, but continued to sell almost 50 million more in the years to come. So it's possible.

Personally, I think it'll probably cap out at 125 mil, making it the second best selling home console and third best selling video game console overall.

darthv72857d ago

PS3 is next, then Wii / PS1.

ABizzel1857d ago

Should have passed PS3 before the end of November as well, if it didn't it's guaranteed to pass it before the end of the year.

By holiday 2019 Wii and PS1 will on the chopping block as it makes its way to 105m, and eventually GB will be passed as it sales it's last few years on the market from 2020 - 2022 (PS5 likely 2020).

PS2 and DS should be safe.

bouzebbal857d ago

This isn't a huge accomplishment..
It should outsell ps1 and ps2 eventually

Imalwaysright857d ago


PS2?! You think that the PS4 will sell more than 70 million units before the PS5 arrives?

DanteVFenris666856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

@theknoghtsofknights yes ps4 is not selling 40 million more after ps5 launches. You got to take into account DVD players were still massively popular. The ps2 was the cheapest DVD on the market and it played games. It was a no brainer for anyone in into buying a DVD.

Look at the PS3 for example it didn’t even sell 5 million more once the ps4 launched.

I expect the ps4 to hit 100 million but not much more. That’s based on the fact I think the ps5 is releasing mid 2020

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iplay1up2857d ago

This gen is coming to an end. I don't think 16 million more PS4s will be sold.

remixx116857d ago

Your crazy if you think 16 mil more isn't possible, 8 mil per year the next 2 years with the heavy hitters coming is doable easy

Omnislashver36857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

I kind of agree we're coming to an end because people are waiting on PS5. Most gamers don't even /know/ what PS4-Pro is and considering the economy most of us only have money for more well-planned purchases. Most base-PS4 owners who even know about the Pro are waiting on PS5 as well at this point considering how late in the gen it is.

If it launches next year it will likely have BC with upgraded games so it stays in the PS4 ecosystem and benefits from it until support for PS4 is axed in 2022 or so and by then we'll be in PS5 gen fully. As for 16 Mil I'm 50/50 on that.

^^^ also to the comment above, you don't think those heavy hitters will become cross-gen so they can sell PS5s? Understand here they have the chance for having the single greatest console launch /in gaming history/ by giving TLOU2/Death Stranding upgraded graphics on PS5. Of course there will be a PS4 version but to think they won't have an upgraded PS5 version as well as save these games for the launch at this point is kind of short-sighted.

BehindTheRows857d ago

Uh, it's going to sell at least 4 of that in the next two months.

ILostMyMind857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

2020 is still far away

rainslacker857d ago

It'll probably sell close to that many next year alone.

TGGJustin857d ago

Lol how wrong you are. The PS4 is still $299 and as Black Friday has shown the past 2 years massive amounts of people bought it at $199. When it hits that pricepoint officially this thing will sell millions and millions. The PS5 isn't coming until 2020 at the earliest. Sony will sell close to if not 16 million in 2019 alone. It will pass 100 million next year wait and see. PlayStation consoles have a history of selling pretty well long after the next one releases.

Dark_Knightmare2857d ago

Dude they are projected to sell that next year

kreate856d ago

Numbers are not accounting for black Friday sales.

KickSpinFilter856d ago

Remember Ps4 will sell long after PS5 is out

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sampsonon857d ago

and the best game is yet to come.

RedDevils857d ago

Yes, the last of us part 2 is waiting.

richierich857d ago (Edited 857d ago )

I think the RROD contributed to a lot of 360 sales I went through 4 Xbox 360s until the Slim Model was release all 4 old models got rrod I sent them to Microsoft they repaired each console multiple times when the warranty ran out I had 4 useless consoles. I never got compensated by MS I remember someone did on a UK watchdog TV programme. Also a lot of people firmware hacked their 360s and got banned from Xbox Live so they had to re-buy the 360 console to play online again which also contributed to 360 sales although I agree with Microsoft banning modders. But RROD problem still sucked for people when the warranty ran out.

Loktai857d ago

Youre certainly right. I am positive that the 360 numbers were "Shipped" numbers and those included not only re-buys but REPLACEMENT systems. Not that it doesnt happen to any console but I think are able to safely say the 360 failed more often than any console historically beating out the early PS1 laser issues by a good margin...

MajorLazer857d ago

How far we've come :D This gen released pretty much issue free from Day 1 and we haven't looked back since

ocelot07857d ago

Yer I agree I went through 6 replacements due to RROD. Gave up in the end and got a Elite then swapped to a Slim.

Hardiman857d ago

I wound up having three. Two were mine and one the boys. After supporting them since the beginning, the OG Xbox was the first console I bought as an adult and thought it'd be great to have a new player in the game! It was for quite a bit but the RRD and how that played out in this household put a bad taste in my mouth and then instead up getting back on track and delivering compelling games, the Xbox is what it is today!

EyeAmTJ856d ago

y'all keep saying RROD contributed, it didnt contribute that damn much LOL

subtenko856d ago

Ah I remember that, yea microsoft inflates the numbers.

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LucasRuinedChildhood857d ago

Users lose all sense of reality and enter another world. Remember, do not underestimate the power of PlayStation.

MrSec84857d ago

It'll easily top 90 million come January 1st, judging by how well things like the Spidey PS4 slim sold, the Red Dead Pro one was sold fast during Black Friday too.

100 million could be pretty easy by Fall next year.