'Xenogears' tribute album releases with 2-plus hours of music

Yasunori Mitsuda's original 'Xenogears' soundtrack gets a fullly-arranged album with 130 performers and more than two hours of music from Materia Collective.

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FallenAngel1984919d ago

Square Enix should just rerelease Xenogears like they did with a FFVII HD & FFIX HD

Spurg919d ago

No, HD editions don't really have any relevance today. It needs a full octopath traveller treatment.

FallenAngel1984919d ago

Yes they do. You know how many people were excited over the prospects of FFVII HD & FFIX HD? Same principle would hold true for Xenogears.

pietro1212918d ago

Although Xenogears is the better game it wasn't as poplar ad FFVII and FFIX. Also a simple remaster wouldn't do it justice. A full remake the has a second chance of being fully completed this time around.

FallenAngel1984918d ago

I wouldn’t say that Xenogears is a better game than FFIX or even FFVII.

Square Enix rarely remakes non Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles, so it’s unlikely Xenogears would get one. It’s more likely they’d just rerelease as a remaster like they did with Star Ocean 4 & The Last Remnant

notachance918d ago

well they need to at least remake the disc 2 part if they're going to do that

pietro1212918d ago

Square needs to team up with Monolith Soft/ Nintendo for a remake (For those who don't know the creator and ! lot of the Xenogears team works for Nintendo now)