Why I returned Fallout 76 three days after buying it

Endless exploration, branching storylines, weighty moral decisions and tense survival mechanics are just some of the features that have made the Fallout series so popular.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Fallout 76, which completely lacks the depth and complexity of previous games in the franchise.

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iplay1up246d ago

What I want to know, is where they let the author return a game, opened after 3 days. Any retailer I know, you can return a defective game, once opened, for the exact same game. You can not get your money back once opened.

MasterCornholio45d ago

Because the author of this article lives in Australia.

He basically was able to return it because Fallout 76 isn’t working as intended. Which is easily proved by the number of technical issues the game has.

stefan_77144d ago

At EB Games NZ, you can return a game within a week if you don't like it. I assume it's the same in Australia

patterson45d ago

Why even buy it in the first place?

CrimsonWing6945d ago

Yea yea, we know it sucks. Do we really need an article explaining why you took a game back that you don’t like?

TheDarkArtisan44d ago

Guess the game wasn't for you.

TheSaint44d ago

The game is for me, but it's broken so I'm not rewarding shoddy workmanship.

SegaGamer44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I find pretty much all online focused games to be awful these days. Pretty much every single one of them seems to be about making a quick buck with a bunch of crap locked behind loot boxes or paywalls.

I remember the days where I would load up an online game and find rare items in missions, on the battlefield or in in-game shops (that you would spend in-game money on) randomly and not be pressured to buy them on some crappy in game store with real money.

The AAA games industry got greedy and they ruined the fun of online gaming. Fallout 76 is the perfect example of this. It's just some rubbish, low effort, cash grab.

sevilha8244d ago

it´s not a unpopular opinion,you are absolutly right,i´ve been gaming since i was six and after 30 years of gaming i´ve never been so dissapointed and fatigated of the state the industry is in.