Jak and Daxter Gets Physical PS4 Versions, Collector’s Edition Releases

Limited Run Games is bringing all four classic PS2 games in the Jak and Daxter lineup to PS4.

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-Foxtrot1569d ago

Holy Shit. I am so on this.

More games which didn't get collectors editions in the past should get another go if they ever re-release them for the current gen. Only thing missing is a steelbook.

Plus concept art boxart for Jak 4

Nyxus1569d ago

The Precursor Orb replica is pretty cool as well!

-Foxtrot1569d ago

They said that each collectors edition in the future for Jak II, Jak III and Jak X will get a small replica that links to that game. All of them are getting matching and consisting packages which is fantastic.

I wish they'd do this for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX or Resident Evil 1-3...hell even Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet & Clank, Tomb Raider, Spyro the Dragon or GTA III-VC-SA

darthv721569d ago

I'm confused. Are these PS2 versions that were released on the PS store or are they the remastered PS3 versions just in individual form?

neutralgamer19921568d ago


That's what I am want to know too. I want to say it's not the remaster but instead the releases on ps4 but could be wrong

Nitrowolf21568d ago

They’re ps2 rerelease to my understanding and not the ps3 port

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PhoenixUp1569d ago

I just remembered we haven’t had any new PS2 Classics on PS4 since these Jak and Daxter games last year

sander97021568d ago

Wow I didn't even realize.

neutralgamer19921568d ago

I want a crash/spyro type remakes for jak series

FallenAngel19841568d ago

It’s unlikely Naughty Dog would do for Jak what Insomniac did for Ratchet

wwinterj1568d ago

This would be my preference or at the very least all three games in one package. While this is a neat idea it's not for me just for one game.

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EmperorDalek1568d ago

Can't believe they resold the PS2 versions instead of the great PS3 remasters. Jak 1&3 are good enough that I'd buy them again, especially if they were Pro enhanced.

Tross1568d ago

Wow, that's amazing. I'm not a big enough fan to spring for these, but they're amazing love letters to the super-fans. I wish more IPs got this treatment.

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The story is too old to be commented.