Genesis Alpha One, Ashen & Satisfactory won't come to Steam, are available on Epic digital store

DSOGaming writes: "Epic has launched its digital store and it appears that it has secured three games. Ashen has just been released on it, and Genesis Alpha One as well as Satisfactory will be coming to it. All three games will be not coming to Steam, something that may disappoint a number of gamers though."

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opc9d ago

Please correct me if I'm wrong. It is my understanding that this game is available to play on PC through Epic's digital store, and to play only on the xbox one through Microsoft's digital store, but it's not available to play on the PC through Microsoft's digital store.

Why are they making it so complicated to sell games to customers?

TheColbertinator9d ago

Because everyone wants a bigger slice. EA and Blizzard were among the first to pull off Steam. More will come.

Razzer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

What is the source for this? No quotes. No links. Sounds like conjecture.