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There are five different kinds of races, which are Rally, V-Rally Cross, Hillclimb, Buggy, or Extreme-Khana. Rally is a race against the clock (you have to beat the other racers, but you don't see them on the track) from the beginning of a course to the end. Sometimes they are tarmac, but often are off-road. They use cars that are closer to road-worthy (though still clearly customized and tweaked) than some of the other modes. V-Rally Cross is a mode closer to what you might expect with racing games; you compete directly with other racers, and you are all trying to get through a certain number of laps the fastest. Whoever gets first place, wins.

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Alexious3d ago

I thought this turned out to be a disappointment

TGG_overlord3d ago

Nope, it's actually better than most people think.

anonymousfan3d ago

I haven't played it yet but the metacritic scores are pretty discouraging... Maybe I'll check it out on Switch when it comes out meanwhile I await for Codemasters to release a Dirt game on the Switch (I am hopeful since their recent announcement of a Grid port)

Sgt_Slaughter3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

This is one of the only positive reviews I've seen. From the gameplay videos that have popped up, it doesn't live up to the name in the title. There's plenty of other racing games to take its place, like DiRT Rally, DiRT 4, or Dirt Rally 2.0 coming soon.