The PlayStation Exclusive "Journey" is coming to PC

Another win for the Epic Games Store

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isarai105d ago

Great that more people get to play this gem.

PhoenixUp105d ago

Many more people need to experience this

Fist4achin104d ago

Definitely a Journey worth taking!

foster426104d ago

crapgamer is gonna make a video on this

TheColbertinator104d ago

That dude is a buffoon. Surprised any self respecting gamer would listen to that clown.

Gunstar75104d ago

He makes his money by trolling PlayStation fanboys.... have you not worked that out yet?

TheColbertinator104d ago


He's also a huge liar but con men are common in the gaming community I suppose.

UCForce104d ago

@Gunstar75 I have a passion of hating Crapgamer. Because he is hypocrites, stupidity and selfish. I will never forget for what he insulted to the dev who lost his son by cancer.

sampsonon104d ago

a free plug. good work, i think.

SpineSaw104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Crapgamer? I've never heard of a Crapgamer but I have heard of Cuntgamer. I'm thinking their the same guy. He post anti PlayStation vids about 6x daily and HUGE, AWESOME, MEGATON Xbox News vids on YouTube, right? I think the channel is called Cuntgamer Reviews. He never reviews any games but, I think he's reviewed his cunt
several times and sometimes several times in the same day. I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same douche.
His friends are Squealer and CuntEastWood?

UCForce103d ago

Oh, you have no idea how I hate these two idiots. They are same as Crapgamer.

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The story is too old to be commented.