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A44's Ashen is as much about building community as it is defeating challenging enemies, reinforcing the triumph of victory with concrete examples of how you're improving its world.

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Gazondaily1138d ago

Ah wow great score and on Game Pass as well. Nice

mark_parch1138d ago

wow, even though I've been looking forward to this I'm still surprised they gave it a 9. I'm super hyped to play this now. on gamepass as well. hopefully below also reviews well

NarutoFox1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

It looks like a great game but after reading a few review articles they keep saying it's a Dark Souls clone. Isn't that a good thing? Can't wait to play it

Greg28011138d ago

Every game is a dark souls clone nowadays

NarutoFox1138d ago

Right on. This game is on game pass!! Congrats to A44 and Annapurna Interactive and I hope this game sells well and makes enough profit for the developers because it's getting good review scores.

DrumBeat1138d ago

Buying this today. Looks fantastic in both game play and art style.

--bienio--1138d ago

Did you buy this game on epic store?? I’m actually surprise how well they start this new store. I’m might buy this game tonight. It’s really good??

mark_parch1138d ago

i'll be playing on gamepass

DrumBeat1138d ago

I decided to go with GamePass. It's a great deal. So far, the game is quite challenging and fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.