Mortal Kombat 11 Looks Awesome in First Screenshots; Will Include New Characters

Following the official reveal earl ier today at The Game Awards, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Netherrealm Studios opened the Steam pre-purchase page of Mortal Kombat 11, revealing the first screenshots of the game.

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Sam Fisher9d ago

Trailer music was garbage tho, i prefer sounds of screams, bones breaking, flesh ripping than this wack ass song anyday

ConsoleGamer9d ago

Yeah, the music didn't fit and made the trailer seem like it was fan made.

sinjonezp9d ago

Okay, is it strange i feel the same way? lol ..However, the 21 Savage song was not bad, I just could not put it into the reality of the trailer. Maybe it is something that will grow on you like that original techno Mortal Kombat song. Also, the game looks great. Color and graphics are like a mixture of 9-10. I do hope they turn the gore all the way up to 12 after the stuff in MKXL.

Sam Fisher9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Gore to almost saw movie quality?. Id pre order the beta if possible lmao

Activemessiah9d ago

Metal is more appropriate for the violence

EazyC9d ago

How does a whole development studio listen to that trailer and go 'yeah, that's fitting'? IF you're going to put music on top of something so horrifically violent, surely it would be something like Meshuggah, or the instrumental stuff they used in Doom's trailers?

Luckily the game looks very nice indeed, but still... jesus christ.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Lol. Mumble rap belongs in one place. The trash can.

The YouTube comments were great.

TimelessDbz9d ago

Rap and fighting goes well together.

TimelessDbz9d ago

The song in trailer has bigger appeal to mainstream players then choosing a rock/metal song even techno . Most people who are going to see this trailer that watch ESPN, NFL, NBA etc will recognize the song there for bigger appeal ,

jagermaster6199d ago

Definitely! Crappy rap and Mortal Kombat don't mix!

warriorcase9d ago

Agreed. Some taiko drumming or similar would have been better. Music sounds so out of place.

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Vandamme219d ago

I’m gonna pass on this game...After beating the story mode on the last game...I never touch it again.

SierraGuy9d ago

Vandamme you were the original Johnny Cage!!!

jagermaster6199d ago

I get that but maybe they throw something else in the mix this time. We shall see....

Switch4One9d ago

SierraGuy is right. Johnny Cage was inspired by Van Damme. In fact Van Damme was meant to play Johnny Cage back when the character was called Michael Grimm but Jean Claude declined the role and Johnny was created as a parody of Van Damme.

81BX9d ago

He was a crap actor lol

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robtion9d ago

It does lool good but it's hard to get excited as this will take exploitation of it's customers to the next level.

Wish it wasn't so but it will wait and see. Season passes, cut 'Kontent', paywalls, and loot boxes, incoming.

SierraGuy9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It's like they're not even games anymore.


And it makes the game seem like a cheap f2p mobile game.

Nate479d ago

But injustice 2 was pretty fair I'd say. U earned plenty of gear naturally and was only cosmetic.

Switch4One9d ago

Nope, it wasn't only cosmetic.

Tazzy10d ago

I hope whoever put this up is aware that it was all cinematic not the actual game.


Supposedly actual pics of gameplay on webpage...I'm always skeptical though.

Tazzy10d ago

No power bars or anything like that so I doubt they're gameplay shots gmaeplay shots would have a HUD.

SierraGuy9d ago

@Tazzy the original reveal trailers for the previous game depicting real game play also did not have power bars.

But it turned out to be actual gameplay.

Dragonscale9d ago

@tazzy, they can edit out the hud to make it look more cinematic.

mafiahajeri10d ago

Umm no the steam page had actual gameplay screenshots, looks really crisp, click the link.

Tazzy10d ago

If they were actual gameplay pics the pics would have power bars with their names and no pic has those.

ForeverTheGoat10d ago

These are actual gameplay screenshots. You do know developers remove HUD for most screenshots right?

RobertNekita9d ago

i really dislike the fact that they do this

Dirtnapstor9d ago

Yeah, you've got to be pretty dumb to think that trailer was gameplay. Safe bet no one is that stupid.
Trailer looked awesome but that hip hop bs ruined it for me. Completely out of context for what was happening on screen.

ForeverTheGoat9d ago

Actually the music matched perfectly with song. If you actually listened to the lyrics and know who 21 savage is, his music can be violent which represents the game and he referenced it multiple times.

Dirtnapstor9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I get what you’re saying regarding the lyrics, but Cradle of Filfth can be just as “violent” lyrically and musically much more appropriate.

Furesis9d ago

the pictures on the site are in game maybe u should have checked it out first no?

Tedakin9d ago

The pictures are not from the trailer. They look like gameplay images. The backgrounds are totally different in some of them.

Tazzy9d ago

Where are the power bars then???

oasdada9d ago

The screenshots are not from the cinematic but are from actual game engine.. Its funny how u cant tell the difference its pretty evident.. The trailer gfx were cgi and look way better than the screenshots..
O.T cant tell if the engine is the same as the injustice one as injuatice looks pretty dope and look better than these screens

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EddieNX 10d ago

Really cool that this is on Switch. Third party support is getting better and better!

RealOldGamer10d ago

Looks to be the best MK yet.