Way To Ruin The End Of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft!

Jerry from BagoGames takes issue with the recently announced Far Cry New Dawn game, shown at The Game Awards 2018, or at least the spoiler that came with it.

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lociefer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Lol was just thinking about that, haven't played the game yet and they ruin it like idiots, godamn whoever greenlight this speech

demonicale9d ago

You've had ages now to actually play the game, it's your problem not theirs ... they can't wait around while people decide when to play their games.

Nitrowolf29d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yeah the vast majority of people who were interested in investing have already beat it

That be like me complaining about the avengers four trailer that just dropped about them spoiling the ending of the previous.

Kados9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

It isn't just a matter of investing in the game. I only really play shooters on PC. Unfortunately this game requires SSE 4.1, which my CPU does not support. To play Far Cry 5 i would need a new CPU, which means a new Mobo also.

I also do not have the funds anymore to buy full price games. Despite nearing the age of the dinos, the game is still going for $79.99 CAD. Even the PS4 version at retail which i would eventually replace with the PC version is that price. I might get the PS4 version once it drops to <$20, if i have yet to rebuild my PC, Since i could resell it on Ebay after for roughly the same amount. Even if i could afford it, i would not pay $80 for a game that is going to be replaced with a different version in the near future.

subtenko9d ago

Well I guess I wont buy it then

Roy_McCoy9d ago

"Had ages now to actually play the game"

The game came out in March 2018. What are you saying?

Sorry if not everyone has an unlimited budget to buy every game for $60 on release.

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Cobra9519d ago

Yeah, well, it has been quite a while since the game released. At what point is it OK? Can I mention Luke Skywalker's father yet? I do sympathize with his dismay, however. Been there myself, with games, movies and TV shows I put off for too long.

RpgSama9d ago

Don't watch the trailer for the new Avengers then.

KukwesGaming9d ago

at this point its your own fault for not finishing it. It's the internet its free rain after 8 months.

Sophisticated_Chap9d ago

Far Cry 5 looks like the weakest entry into the series, so I wouldn't worry about it. Like you though, I was surprised that they totally spoiled the ending. I loved all four of the previous games, but for some reason, this game just doesn't look all that good to me.

moomoo3199d ago

Your suspicions are correct, it was not very good, worse than FC3 and FC4 in my opinion. I thought it would be a fun play through on sale but it felt like a chore :(

ceooflhm9d ago

Only people that played it would know anything other than a nuke went off. Its set 25 years in the future. You have a better reason play it now than ever. Why did it go off? What's up with Joseph from 25 years before? All things you won't know unless you played it, streamed it, or read spoilers like the site that posted this dumb article. How does the author know that is from FC5? Then they spell it out in caps. This is click bait besides..................Spoil er ahead FC5 Had 3 endings. The new trailer only confirms which one was canon ending and that's it.

sprinterboy9d ago

How stupid can stupid get, not played the game either. Mega pissed off

wwinterj9d ago

If you've ever played a far Cry game since 3 you'll know the games have multiple endings.

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Sm00thNinja10d ago

This actually pissed me off I was on the last son and planned to finish it this holiday before Christmas. I'm good now. Thanks Ubisoft

boing110d ago

Haha. Same here. I'm at the last mission too. Probably won't finish it it now.

Juiceid9d ago

Should I mention that there are three possible endings? Sorry, too late.

Casepb9d ago

Seems like you didn't like the game that much then.

No Way9d ago

Sounds like a childish mentality.. it's been out 9 months. Either don't watch these trailers - or finish the games.

Spartacus109d ago

Even if they waited for you to finish it by Christmas, they would have upset another person who was allegedly going to finish it by the end of January. If they waited for him, then there was going to be that one guy who was definitely finishing it by February. Do you get the point or should I keep on going until the 7th December 2187 where no more copies of Far Cry 5 can be located and they are finally safe to release the trailer without upsetting anyone?

rdgneoz39d ago

It came out like 9 or so months ago. It didn't take long to beat at all, it's not red dead 2 or an mmo. If they did this during the summer, I could see being pissed. But over 9 months later?

Sm00thNinja9d ago

Or ...... Wait for it....... Wait for it.........


wwinterj9d ago

The ending? The game has more than one so have at it.

Sm00thNinja8d ago

Would it be safe to assume this nuke ending is Canon?

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brownbanana10d ago

How dare they! Just 8 month after release. LOL.

D3TH_D33LR10d ago

Seriously. It’s hilarious these kids think companies should be waiting on them after 8 months

Myst-Vearn10d ago

They are still selling the game 8 months later aren't they? then they should expect that some people out there have obviously not played it.

D3TH_D33LR10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

So? When a sequel to a movie comes out should they just promote without a trailer because someone didn’t see the first. Ubisoft isn’t making games for people who consume them years after the fact. Lol at anyone thinking spoilers should wait on them several months after the fact.

Ninjamonkey8210d ago

Game collections are vast and finding to to complete games you want can be a struggle tbh. Could have done without the spoiler.

goldwyncq10d ago

Avengers 4 trailer just got released but you won't find anyone complaining about it spoiling the ending to Infinity War.

Azurite9d ago

Only kids would think eight months is a long time though.

Sophisticated_Chap9d ago

Is there any other company out there in recent memory that has revealed the ending of their last major release? I'm going to go out on a limb and say no.

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CDbiggen10d ago

Get fucked, Not everyone has the free time to play and complete every new game like you saddo.

brownbanana10d ago

Well no. But no one in their right mind would complain about a spoiler almost a year after the fact. And when the sequel is based on the very idea about post apocalypse, it is insane to criticize the marketing for "spoiling" the ending for the last game.

And thank you. I very much like getting fucked. Actually sex is pretty cool!

D3TH_D33LR9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Lmao I didn’t complete it because it wasn’t a good game. I still know how it ends because the internet exists and articles and videos have been posted long before this trailer ever came out.

And trust me, I’m getting fucked tonight so you don’t need to tell me.

rdgneoz39d ago

@CD. You didn't have time to finish it when school let out for the summer? Adults with full time jobs and families could finish it in 9 months. Going to bed early during school year, I can see not having the time. But you had the whole summer.

CDbiggen9d ago

Didn't actually expect anyone to be pathetic enough to respond to the "Get fucked" part 🤔 jeez...

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D3TH_D33LR10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Lmao games been out for time. Cry more. If you truly cared you’d have played by now.

D3TH_D33LR9d ago

Send me your downvotes kids. Learning the world doesn’t revolve around you is a lesson thats apparently desperately needed. Most figure that out before becoming an adult.

Chaosdreams9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

lol. It doesn't require a child to know your comment is worth a down vote. Being rude unnecessarily for the sake of irritating people is a behaviour that adults, good ones, try to restrain from even when online.

People are allowed to be upset that a game franchise they enjoy spoiled the ending. It's not about care, it's about time. Time that some have and others don't, time that people prioritize differently.

D3TH_D33LR9d ago

Sorry I have a low tolerance for entitlement after an entire year of it being the ugliest it’s been

rdgneoz39d ago

@@Chaos. And everyone cries these days over the littlest of things, like spoiling the ending 9+ months later. Avengers just dropped a trailer, better not watch since 3 came out like 8 months ago...

Chaosdreams9d ago


Yes people are overly sensitive at times.

Now, anyone who's going to watch the trailer for Avengers knows that spoiler territory lies ahead.

But I don't think all that many people expected this game to be a direct sequel to the previous instalment. So they were watching a trailer for a franchise they liked, only to be surprised in a bad way.

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Hungryalpaca9d ago

8 months isn’t a long time. Just saying.

trouble_bubble7d ago

Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Matrix, Kill Bill, Back to the Future all had movies less than a year apart. Some with faster spoiler turnovers than Far Cry.

gazgriff2k1210d ago

Its your fault you cant finish a game cry baby