God of War Is Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2018

The ceremony of The Game Awards 2018 has just wrapped up in Los Angeles, and all the winners who have brought home the coveted statues are here.

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Well deserved! Kudos to Geoff for an awesome show!

salmonade3d ago

He'll bathe in Mountain Dew and lay down to rest upon a bed of Doritos. Lets be honest, the Game Awards are ALWAYS crap, and always boring ASF. Congrats to God Of War, they deserved to win.

darthv723d ago

Yes... its an epic game that deserves to win.

blackblades3d ago

Getting old bro, hell its already bro comeback with something new.

Chexs19903d ago

I was pretty entertained though. It was a solid show this year :)

Sharky2313d ago

Besides all the crappy reveals... they actually had a show I could take serious this year.

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Eonjay3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Seeing all those folks on stage you could tell that they earned this through sheer hard work. Nothing beats talent and determination. Hold the salt.

Genkins3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I think that's also one major thing to highlight. the god of war director made well use of his time to express this. respect. all companies put their efforts in.

PapaBop3d ago

"Nothing beats talent and determination"

EA : Hold my beer

Jokes aside though, I'm glad it won. I was worried RDR 2 would just sweep the awards but GoW definitely deserved it's success, it's arguably GOAT of the generation.

PhantomS423d ago

It was a shitty show as usual. Overhyped again. GOW rightful won it's deserved the award but for all his "world-changing announcements" there were 3 in total that was exciting.

Brave_Losers_Unite3d ago

What do you expect from dorito man? He is a walking hype

PhantomS423d ago


I expect nothing but overhype and him pretending he is some sort of gaming icon when he is a terrible personality with a over massive ego. I've been saying it for a while that this show was going to be dull and lackluster.

neutralgamer19923d ago


The outer worlds alone was worth it but I didn't watch the whole thing

DevilOgreFish3d ago

agreed, the awards was the only thing holding the show together. a massive letdown with the vibe for additional content. a game trailer was shown twice if i remember correctly. very little input from japan. they're usually the best with trailers.

dumahim3d ago

I'm shocked, SHOCKED I say, that there was no hint of Kojima or a Death Stranding trailer.

blackblades3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

After all these years you should know better.

Critic4l_Strik33d ago

yeah. Only thing i was looking forward to was the GOTY.

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rainslacker3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Well deserved

Just surprised it won.

Was the show actually good this year?

Chexs19903d ago

It was pretty great :)
Some people on here are just complaining because they thought they would be watching an E3 stream, and not an award show

Rude-ro3d ago

The live performance of rdd2 music was really good.
The show still feels stiff.
The reveals were meh.
Pacing was still rough...
But I fell it was the best one yet to date.
The music performances were far better to me

imtiyaz63d ago

The show sucked but I am very happy for SSM.

Muzikguy3d ago

I just bought this game on Black Friday. Can’t wait to start it, but I think I’ll be playing DQXI first.

Veneno3d ago

Good choice. The game is pretty good but what kills it is Atreus. He is a poorly designed character that makes you want to cringe. And also the enemy variety is as bad as BOTW.

UCForce3d ago

@Venono Atreus is poorly designed character ? I don’t think so. And no, God of War isn’t that close Zelda Breath of The Wild.

ShadowWolf7123d ago

@Veneo ???

Atreus and watching him/the bond between them change and grow is one of the best things about that game.

Veneno3d ago

I agree that the story elements involving their bonding could have been something exceptional and some parts truly were. The reason Atreus boils my blood is that he is distinctly anachronistic when put against all of the other story elements in the game. He looks and acts nothing like Kratos. He also behaves like some sort of spoiled suburban kid constantly throwing tantrums.

There are also not enough main characters in the game. The weight of the plot isn't felt as much when it affects only 2 characters. It's obvious that they tried to do another Last of Us type of story invloving an odessy of a father and son. But TLOU had so many supporting cast with real consequences that affected the main characters, the story, and the world within the game. You need to have strong supporting characters because , well , someone needs to die. Kratos and Atreus do not experience loss of any kind. Yes they did lose the mother but she has no presence in this game worth caring about and that loss happens before the game starts. Had they shown the loss of the mother as a character in the game it would have had more of an impact. Overall there's just so much exposition that the story feels cheap. Show, don't tell is the golden rule.

I could go on but this post is long enough.

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trooper_3d ago


I agree- well deserved!

Spenok3d ago

I was actually surprised it wasn't a total shit show as usual, though he did hype it up more than it deserved.

As for God of War, it totally deserved it. I'm inclined to agree with this.

Gr8saiyaman883d ago

"No fair! Screw you Geoff for the lame show!"

-alternate timeline where RDR2 wins

remixx1163d ago

You are a walking bowl of cringey salt

IamTylerDurden13d ago (Edited 3d ago )

God of War is Game of Gen, well deserved. Cory learned so much while he was away and it showed in the depth and storytelling in GoW. The franchise always had great combat and visuals, but now it is the total package. The incredible narrative setup combined with the power of the PS5 should usher in an incredible next installment. It's truly exciting to know such quality is on the way. Horizon sequel, God of War sequel, TLoU 2. These are incredibly high brow, A1 quality adult oriented games that only sony can deliver.

DrumBeat2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Congrats to the team at SSM. Even though God of War wasn't my favorite game this year, I believe it deserves the honor. Very well crafted game. Very solidly structured with excellent combat. The visuals were also top notch. Best particle effects I've ever seen.

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NecrumOddBoy3d ago

I was worried they'd just hand it to RDR2 like they've done all night but Kratos prevailed! Well deserved!

Eonjay3d ago

Krakos is a god killer after all.

Nitrowolf23d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Which is so odd at the same time given how many awards rdr2 won, this announcement left me really surprised and glad

Eonjay3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Actually Nitro

They both won several awards. I think they both won 3 each

blackblades3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Well they won 3 awards, but yeah we were like RD2 gonna take it all back on gematsu.

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hulk_bash19873d ago

Incredibly well deserved. GOW is a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

Genkins3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

congratulations to also playground games and rockstar games for winning awards too. all 3 companies.

BeardedDrachen3d ago

Playground winning an award was kinda forced....

jojo3193d ago

"Playground winning an award was kinda forced...."
In what way? Was there a better racing/sports games this year?

porkChop3d ago

It was a well deserved win. Each of the nominees was a masterpiece in its own right, and all the devs should feel proud. For me it was between God of War and RDR2. I think both deserved it, and I'm really glad one of them took home the win. 2018 was a really great year for games, so let's hope 2019 will be even better.

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rainslacker3d ago

Guess GOW decided to be better instead of being sorry.

derek3d ago

I see what you did there hahaha!!!

robtion3d ago


And it managed it without endless dlc, microtransactions, lootboxes etc. Makes the victory even sweeter. Bring on the Sequel.

remixx1163d ago

A lesson for devs to learn from...but they wont

DrumBeat2d ago

It came down to BOY vs BOAH. In the end, BOY won. Contrats to BOY.

NarutoFox3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Congratulations to Sony and Sony Santa Monica!

BeardedDrachen3d ago

Oh whatever. Naruto’s original comment was ‘Contratulations to Sony”.
Sony Santa Monica won the award.

BehindTheRows3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Errr...that would still be Sony. Santa Monica isn't Naughty Dog, where they were purchased. They are built from the ground up, within Sony. And, even if they were purchased, they'd still be a subsidiary of SIE.

His statement was correct.

BeardedDrachen3d ago

Technically.. sure. But it’s SSM that put their blood sweat and tears into the game. Sony just greenlit it. Contratulating SONY for winning GOTY is misplaced and Naruto knew that.

BehindTheRows3d ago

Nah, you're just making a big deal out of nothing.

NarutoFox3d ago (Edited 3d ago )


Really? What's the big deal? Sony Santa Monica is still part of Sony 🤷🏻‍♂️

BeardedDrachen3d ago

If it’s not a big deal why did you edit your comment?

Mr_Writer853d ago

And where did Santa Monica get the funds to make, market and release the game from?

StormSnooper3d ago

You guys are arguing over semantics in case you haven’t noticed yet, lol just hug it out. It’s the same thing, Sony is SSM, SSM is Sony, there.

BehindTheRows3d ago

@StormSnooper: There is actually only one who argued semantics. Everyone else agreed that it's the same thing.