Psychonauts 2 Coming in 2019

The Game Awards has unveiled a new trailer for Psychonauts 2. This confirmed that the game will be coming in 2019.

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no_more_heroes8d ago

First CTR remaster and now Psychonauts 2 confirmed?! With KH3 to kick things off, 2019 looks to be absolutely amazing for me!

gangsta_red8d ago

Awesome, need to revisit the first one. It's BC on Xbox One.

Hardiman8d ago

This is so cool. I'll have to go the original again on PS4 before this releases.

ninsigma8d ago

Super excited for this. Loved the first and the vr game was really entertaining.

Fist4achin7d ago

Awesome. I'd be in for a remaster of the first one as well!