AMD Radeon RX 3080 to compete with GeForce RTX 2070 at half the cost

Latest leaks and rumours about AMD's upcoming Radeon RX 3000 series Graphics Cards shed more light on their price and performance.

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sinjonezp9d ago

If this is true, I hope they have crossfire support and can buy 2 of them for the price of one RTX2070

mikeslemonade9d ago

Haha you commoners with cards weaker than the 2080.

Dabigsiebowski9d ago

[email protected] You just mad because you paid 600 more than everyone else not even 8ncluding that vsync tax..

madjedi9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@mike Yeah lets spend $800 on the latest card that can't even show off it's main selling point without nerfing the shit out of the fps you get, till 1 day ago.

You have 1 game atm that even uses ray tracing, there is a difference between buying something of value, and being an idiot chasing newest shiny object because you can piss away money.

A smart individual would have snapped up a 1080ti, after the rtx series launched because ray tracing will be a cute little novelty for another 2 or 3 years, before it goes mainstream.

OmnislashVer369d ago

Madjedi. Yeah TBH Raytracing won't be truly mainstream until PS5-Pro or PS6.

mikeslemonade9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

^Lol only commoners think that way. Realize your not even better than Xbox X which is a console! I always sell my current gpu to get the next one. So I’m not paying that much more relatively for better performance for you commoners

OmnislashVer369d ago


Doesn't matter what you have, what you're saying just isn't happening. The majority of games aren't investing in Ray-Tracing until it's mainstream. Pretty basic logic that seems to go over your head.

mikeslemonade9d ago

You guys are so typical. Talking about features like HDR for example. The point is you need the 2080ti to play at 40k 60 frames at high settings. It's not about ray tracing, it's still about raw power.

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ButtAnihilator9d ago

Not just shots fired, it would mean the end of absurd gpu prices on the low-mid end. This is huge if it's true -- it's great news for the consumer.

ChrisW9d ago

This is why competition is necessary! Now only if Intel (or anyone else) can get their shit together and enter the market with a strong contender.

jakiah6610d ago

I hope it's true, both because I like AMD and also because this is Navi which will be in PS5.

FlyingFoxy10d ago

Nvidia needs to support Freesync officially.. i know there's supposed to be a hacky way to get it to work if you run both NV and AMD cards together but it seems a bit silly just to do that. The Gsync screens can already run it, so they should just enable it.

Gahl1k10d ago

And what's the benefit in that for nVidia, eh?

Purrfection10d ago

The same benefit that TV's will play Dolby Vision and HDR10. It's good for consumers.

lipton1019d ago

@Purrfection - Companies have no obligation to consumers. They have obligations to their stakeholders and use consumers as a means to reach those obligations.

So again, what's the benefit in that for nVidia?

"Good for customers." is an awful answer since that doesn't equal more units moved for nVidia. If anything, this would be a detriment to them.

Pyrofire959d ago

If they did nobody would buy a G-sync monitor.

ChrisW9d ago

Cellphone companies in America did the same exact crap. They only provided amazing service in certain areas and pushed out any other that encroached on their domain. But if you look at other countries like Korea, Japan, and many others, you'll see that that type of monopolizing of carrier waves seriously hurt the competition and a compromise was made. Unfortunately, this happened because a large number of people owned cellphones.

Graphics cards? It's a small niche and no one is going to care about fairness.

kevnb10d ago

I hope so, amd has been known to over promise.

Gahl1k10d ago

I hope Navi is to GPUs what Ryzen is to CPUs.

ImGumbyDammit9d ago

It won't be. Navi is still using GCN. Navi definitely will be a jump in power but, AMD is still using the same microarchitecture they have been using since 2011 (for Polaris and Vega) and it will be used again for Navi. Of course, GCN has been modified over the years but, it has limitations and issues that just updating it can't fix. Navi looks to be using the next iteration GCN The real change to AMD's graphics line will happen after Navi with a new completely different microarchitecture. And that may be what makes AMD more competitive with NVidia on the high end. I personally once thought Navi was the new big next "it" for AMD but it turns out Navi is looking more like a refreshed Vega then some magical new design.


starchild10d ago

Yeah but I would really love for it to be true. I just have a hard time believing it will have that kind of performance and only cost $250. That would be great for the PC gaming market. Nvidia needs more serious competition.

jukins9d ago

Apparently the 7nm chips they have are really that good. I mean we'll have to see but if it at least competes with nvidia and at half or fraction of the cost I'll call it a win just look at ryzen

ABizzel19d ago

They've been on point lately. Their GPUs are still behind NVIDIA in the GPU department for a while now, but as long as they keep extremely competitive in the low, mid, and mid-high range, they'll be okay. As they said move gamers buy GPUs in those ranges, and their focus on consoles is a steady revenue stream to keep them supported.

The performance should be there since they're moving to a 7nm architecture from a 14nm (12nm in the 590), I only question the price. How are they getting that level of performance at those cost when their current GPUs are 2x those prices. I'd assume the prices are at cost / manufacturing price, and the retail prices are probably close to $179 3060 ( competes with 1060 / 580 / 590), $349 3070 (competes with Vega 56 / 1070 / 1070 Ti), and $399 3080 (competes with 1080 / 2070) more for consumers, which is still very competitively priced and about $100 less then their current and NVIDIA's cards (except the 3060 which is about $20 less).

If true these GPUs are really nice, they won't be game changers, but they will offer insane value.

The 3060 basically turns any old desktop into a gaming PC capable of rivaling an XBO-X for less than $200. That's huge for PC gamers.

The 3070 / 3080 are good values as well, and this is the GPU line rumored to be the basis for the PS5. For $50 more Sony might as well go for the high end card and use the 3080.

Gahl1k10d ago

I don't think we are ready yet for Ray-Tracing. Maybe the second generation after this one.

boing110d ago

Latest patch for BFV shows how big of improvements can still be done with RTX, just on the code side. It's twice as fast now at better quality. So unless you're thinking about 4k 60fps with ultra RTX, I say we are almost ready.

jakiah6610d ago

boing1 that's not exactly an accurate statement. Most of the improvement came from simply reducing the effect and not so much improvements in code. They greatly reduced things like rays on reflective surfaces like water and the effect of debris on rays and other things.

And on top of that your looking at $800-$1000+ cards.

And honestly I don't think the majority of users are willing to trade FPS or resolution for fairly small improvements in lighting.

kevnb9d ago

I think its fine if they support it, people can always turn it off if they want better performance.

Liqu1d10d ago

I believe they already said they're not interested in Ray Tracing until it can be put in lower end cards, so no Ray Tracing.

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