New Crackdown 3 Trailer Encourages You to "Step Up Your Boom" with Terry Crews

During the ceremony of The Game Awards hosted today in Los Angeles, Microsoft showcased a new trailer of its upcoming game Crackdown 3.

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Potnoodle9994d ago

Love Terry Crews. But this game looks dreadful😂😂

jagermaster6194d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Don't worry it's not on PlayStation so you should be ok!

salmonade4d ago

This game looks so so bad lmao

jagermaster6194d ago

Like I said for the other guy you don't have to worry it's not on PlayStation! Now you should be ok right?

mark_parch4d ago

looks fun to me and on gamepass so i'll certainly give it a try

Thundercat773d ago

I have a feeling this game is going to flop. Maybe putting it on game pass for free could help get people to try it.

Obscure_Observer3d ago

We heard the same thing about SoT. Lol.

Obscure_Observer3d ago


"Which came out to be true"

Maybe in some fanboy bs made up fantasy world.

Brave_Losers_Unite3d ago

By flop I meant the game sucked. Im not talking about sales as any crappy game can sell alot and any great game can sell little too

Obscure_Observer3d ago


"By flop I meant the game sucked."

That´s also false! Most of the negative comments that you´ll find regarding SoT is not related to graphics, gameplay, framerate issues or fun factor. Most of complaints is regarding the initial lack of content. That´s all!

Have you tried the game yourself? Somehow i doubt it. I think you´re just one of those people which like to join the hate bandwagon instead of experience games yourself and form a solid opinion of your own.

Happy gaming.

Brave_Losers_Unite3d ago


Yes, the lack of content was extreme. It had the most repetitive quests and no enemy variety it was the same boring skeleton monsters on every island. Why even bring up graphics?

BLow3d ago

Number 33 in the top 50 most played xbox games and it's an online only title. This is from MSs own website. What do you actually think the numbers are at number 33? Outside this site the Xbox community clearly like many other games ahead of SoT. We can mention State of Decay too but what's the point. It's not even on the list....

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EazyC3d ago

It's like they'll do anything to NOT show the actual game. Not good for a game that is apparently not too far from release.

BLow3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Yes, I do find it strange that we still are seeing sizzle reels and trailers and it's coming out in February. I mean I didn't expect a long live gameplay demo at this show but my point still stands.

Remember when this game was compared against Days Gone when they were releasing the same month? Now Days got pushed back a couple of months to April. My point is, which game have we seen more of? Which game has had multiple and long gameplay demos of it and not just trailers and sizzle reels?

For a game that is coming out in February, it seems like there's not that much hype or buzz for it. This is just my opinion but it does seem a little off and strange especially since MS likes to think this is one of their biggest Exclusives. But at least it's on Gamepass right??? We shall see...

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