The Epic Games store is now live

The Epic Games store is now open, featuring awesome high-quality games from other developers. Our goal is to bring you great games, and to give game developers a better deal: they receive 88% of the money you spend, versus only 70% elsewhere.

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SickSinceSix8d ago

I was surprised to see some of the games shown at The Game Awards were advertised as being only on the Epic store for PC.

ImGumbyDammit8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I am sure Epic probably gave them additional deals beyond their already low store fees. But, if you are developer and have a game to sell going forward you have to ask yourself would you like to only give 12% to the store like Epic charges no matter how few or many copies you sell there or have Steam take anywhere from 20 % to 30% depending on how copies you sell at Valves store. Plus if you use the Unreal 4 engine to develop your game you don't have to pay Epics 5% license fee for those games if you sell the copy from the Epic store. Sounds like Epic is making developers take notice, developers that want more money from a games sale to come back to them.

PapaBop8d ago

Yeah Valve charge stupid amounts for their steam store stuff, taking a 30% cut off an indie developer seems really harsh. Still, it's ANOTHER freaking hoop PC gamers have to jump through but it's Epic,. if anyone has a chance of offering a worthy competitor to Steam, it's them.

C4rnos8d ago

What developers currently give that 30% for is exposure to the platform as a whole, the traffic of steam is unmatched by any Storefront on the PC platform and it uses that fact to drive a hard bargain as it were, of course- the larger cut to the devs is important but at the cost of an unknown storefront with policies no one is really sure of just yet, driven *purely* by the success of Fortnite and as such Epic Games have themselves a story that begins almost identically to Valve's own with Steam.

What will this bring in the near future? what does this mean in the far flung future? will our game libraries be further fragmented by any and all exclusivity deals; and will Epic's moves allow the developers to pass the "savings" onto the consumers? (probably not on that one) but it's all food for thought when Epic is largely pushed by Tencent in an outwardly greedy industry- this could just be the honey to trap the proverbial fly.

Cobra9518d ago

@C4rnos: Steam is also now deluged with crapware. Valve have virtually stopped vetting the platform's contents. So yeah, a lot of people use Steam, and now they must wade through a lot of garbage to find the lesser-known gems, like digging for gold. If Valve get their act together--clean up Steam and offer competitive fees to indies--the Epic experiment doesn't stand a chance against them.

WeaseL8d ago

I have no problem with more choices where to buy games but it really irks me when they deliberately keep it of other stores, timed or permanent.

Razzer8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

So Ashen is a Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. Presumably timed as Microsoft still has it listed as Play Anywhere "coming soon".

timotim8d ago

Not exclusive...its on Steam as well. Pick the ecosystem that fits best for you. That's what choice is all about. I'll be getting it through Game Pass to play on my X, which automatically nets me the PC version as well through Xbox Play Anywhere so i can pick up where i leave off on my laptop away from home.

Razzer8d ago

It is not yet available for purchase on PC anywhere but Epic.