Obsidian's Announces 'The Outer Worlds' at Game Awards 2018

A few days ago, Obsidian started teasing a new game to be revealed at the Game Awards 2018 via a few in-universe ads on their website’s homepage. Well, the Game Awards are here, and Obsidian did not disappoint. Their newly revealed game is called “The Outer Worlds,” and it’s looking like a BioShock-esque retro-futuristic RPG …

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Sgt_Slaughter8d ago

For all the Fallout fans disgusted by 76, support this 100%. New Vegas is the best modern-Fallout game made (or tied with 3), and this looks like it'll be amazing.

NecrumOddBoy8d ago

This game looks funny and fun.

darthv728d ago

FONV is my favorite and this looks like that in space. Cant wait.

pwnmaster30008d ago

This looks really dope.. Can you imagine what they can do when they actually make a Xbox exclusive and focus on one console. Really glad is for the ps4 tho, that’s where I’m probably going to buy it... idk I guess it’s to early to judge how good is going to be.

TheRacingX8d ago

Is that fully confirmed for PS4? , Microsoft bought Obsidian, and more than likely anything they have been working on, this could be a huge coup for microsoft if this becomes an Xbox exclusive....the only thing that puts this on PS4 is if a deal was in place with another publisher for the title, which it didnt look like it..... we'll see what unfolds here...

andibandit8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


I dont know, but I'd assume the video wouldn't say
"PS4, XboxOne,Steam" at 1:58, if that werent the case, unless the video was made before the acquisition

Phantom687d ago

This is our on PS4 because it is not published by Microsoft and there is a deal with a different publisher.

Cmv388d ago

4 was fun too. But I think we can agree, 76 is shit

neutralgamer19928d ago (Edited 8d ago )

4 was shallow with its story, character, universe and choices

Honestly before watching this trailer I wanted fallout 3/nv remaster for ps4/Xbox one with mod support

rainslacker8d ago

Not a fallout fan myself, but I like the humor the trailer exhibits. Like it when games like this don't take themselves too seriously.

neutralgamer19928d ago

Thank you this is fallout game we want and deserve built on a proper game engine without the bethesda crap

Take two is the publisher so it's not an exclusive which is great. Hopefully this is a start for many more games to come in this franchise

dumahim8d ago

Lets at least wait for some gameplay. Haven't we learned our lesson yet about getting too hyped up about something we don't fully know about yet?

SolidGear38d ago

Hell yes! This is day 1 for me!! 😁😁😁

8d ago
agnosticgamer8d ago

@TheRacingX Yes, it is 100% confirmed for the PS4, because a different company already had an agreement to publish the game kind of like Compulsion's "We Happy Few" was published by Gearbox and came out on PS4 as well... This will probably be the last Obsidian game that is multi-plat... Everything post-Outer Worlds will be Xbox / Win 10 exclusive.

IamTylerDurden17d ago (Edited 7d ago )

FO3 was better because it was the first to revolutionize the Fallout formula. Everything was new and exciting. I love New Vegas, the setting is much better, but overall Fallout 3 was more impressive for its time. Fallout 3 was an all-time great game that put the franchise in the big leagues. In the pantheon of great games Fallout 3 is firmly ahead of New Vegas, not to mention that New Vegas was so buggy it made Fallout 3 look polished.

Sgt_Slaughter7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

New Vegas was buggy because Bethesda rushed Obsidian (18 months to make the game) and pressured them with a bonus incentive tied to the Metascore on Metacritic. If it didn't get an 85, they didn't receive bonuses. It reached an 83. Bad blood wouldn't even begin to describe the situation.

Now, Obsidian is free to do what they want, and how they want. This will be miles better than any moden Fallout game, I'd bet money on it (especially with Private Division/T2 publishing it)

DrumBeat7d ago

I'm liking the theme. Looks sweet.

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lollord8d ago

Lol even microsofts own studios are making games for playstation.

FanboySpotter8d ago

It was before the acquisition games aren't made in a few days after acquisition

Inzo8d ago

So, you spotted a fanboy.

NeoGamer2328d ago

I don't think gamers should give a rat's ass whether MS is willing to publish the game on PlayStation's platform. They already have Minecraft there. And the development of this game probably started a couple years back so they probably have 90% of the code ready for PS. You don't walk cancel something that is 90% done.

If it is a good game, gamer's should buy it.

Poopmist8d ago

Also 2K still has the publishing contract I believe.

Cmv388d ago

True. Shame though. Might be the last time I buy one of their games.

rainslacker8d ago

This game looks pretty far along in the making, so they probably already had a publisher lined up. Unless MS buys it out, there is no reason it wouldn't come if that publisher wanted to recoup their money.

Take Two is publishing. Trademark is held by obsidian though, so it's possible sequels may show up as exclusive in the future.

neutralgamer19928d ago (Edited 8d ago )

This game has been in development for a little while that's why ms didn't have much say

And I think that's best for us gamers as we all want an amazing fallout game and Bethesda sure as heck won't be making on a next Gen engine. Bethesda better be real careful because if this game becomes to fallout killer than they have no one but themselves to blame for their ego

rainslacker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

It looks pretty good to me. I'm not into fallout at all, and generally don't care about post-apocolyptic stuff, or space marines, but I can get behind some space marine stuff, and this seems more like space renegade anyhow. Plus, it looks better than any Bethesda game does. I love that it had the humor. To show so much of it in the trailer tends to mean that its a main thing for the story. I can get behind humor, and the only thing that would maybe change my mind is that its a FPS, which I rarely enjoy.

As I recall, Obsidian handed off the last game it was working on back to the publisher(can't remember the name), at the beginning of 2017. Given their financial situation, they likely wouldn't have done any coding on this game at that point. Maybe a proof of concept, but they likely could have had a lot of the pre-poduction done. I can see what was shown here being 1-1/2 years into actual development.

Sciurus_vulgaris8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Outer World was in development as a multiple platform title and obsidian owned IP. MS likely owns the Outer World IP now due to them purchasing Obisidian. MS, could have likely bought out Outer World’s publishing rights or blocked the PS4 version of the game. However, MS and Obsidian are likely better off just abiding to the original publishing contract with the title being multiplatform.

conanlifts7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

If the game is good then being multiplatform might actually help MS. If the sequel becomes exclusive then fans might grab xbox consoles to continue playing. Alternatively if they keep it multiplatform then it is good for gamers. The bigger question for me is whether it will be gamepass day 1.

Purrfection8d ago

It would be nice if we ever got away from the platform wars and most could see all games as just games, not I love my system therefore I hate their game or wont give their game a chance now that it's on another platform.

neomahi8d ago

Where is it written Microsoft acquired Obsidian? I haven't read anything official yet.

Sciurus_vulgaris8d ago

It was announced that MS bought Obsidian last month... the purchase was the subject of many articles linked to this site.

8d ago
Veneno8d ago

Attention everyone! If Neomahi has not seen proof of anything then it has not really happened. Therefore MS has not acquired Obsidian. END OF STORY!

conanlifts7d ago

On stage at XO18. MS purchased Obsidian and Inxile games, so they have now added 7 new studios this year.

King_Noctis7d ago

“Microsoft has acquired Obsidian”

There. Now you see it is written therefore it is a fact.

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neutralgamer19928d ago


We should be happy it's not exclusive bro because spok enough obsidian games will only be available on Xbox

Immorals8d ago

Obsidian were contracted for this game pre buyout, makes no sense to scrap the development at this point. Plus if the games a success, it'll be a good sales pitch for the second wimhich will be Microsoft exclusive

jagermaster6198d ago

lol funny that PlayStation guys will be paying Microsoft right?....Wrong! This game was in development way before Microsoft bought them. Fanboys should be happy Microsoft doesn't care about Obsidians last multiplatform game because they are not scraping money together. They understand how business works and would not want to take that from them, something Sony would never do!

Tedakin8d ago

So you're saying MS is gonna make millions of dollars off of Sony fanboys.....

jagermaster6198d ago

What? No that's what Minecraft is for. I'm saying Ms won't cry about Sony getting to play a game that was already in development, something Sony would shit on if they had the company. You know it's true!

OneLove7d ago

Lol you sir are a retard.

conanlifts7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

They honoured previous commitments, yet they still get negative comments for this! They could have purchased the publishing rights from take 2, but they chose to leave it as it is. That is a good move for gamers, so lets not spin it into a negative move.

King_Noctis7d ago

Come back after this game and see if their games will be on the Ps4 or not.

Also, I’m amazed how you fanboys can spin this into negativity. You guys should be happy and grateful that this game is not locked with just one platform.

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Chaosdreams8d ago

This looks like it’ll be a solid experience.

Kabaneri8d ago

Show Bethesda how its done.