Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Presidents Join in Epic Introduction for The Game Awards

The ceremony of The Game Awards hosted today in Los Angeles, started in the most epic way possible, with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo joining on stage to kicks things off.

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slavish010d ago

I thought Sony was going to announce crossplay. 😫

Mr_Commander10d ago

i thought m$ was going to announce some games, what a shame, still empty.


I thought you was going to announce a new joke, what a shame, still corny


You must be a hit at parties!

StormSnooper10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

They already have cross play on select games. I love the Zap Branigen icon btw.

Keef: “Sir there is an emergency!”
Captain Zap Branigen: “come back when it’s a catastrophe”

PapaBop10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

^^^ I miss Futurama so much, so many great characters that deserve to still be on tv.

Zapp: I suffer from a very sexy learning disability, what's it called Kif?

Kif: Sexlexia

"Brannigan's Law is like Brannigan's love: hard and fast!"

I could do Zapp quotes all day long lol

mkis00710d ago

I wish Futurama had as many seasons as simpsons does. I could care less about Simpsons

DaCajun9d ago

Wow all 3 came together onstage for a common goal unfortunately all the fanboys on here just can't get their heads out of there rears.

I started coming to this site back in 2009 when playing on the PS3 seemed like a crime and I defended it against the Xbox 360 fanboy even though I own a Xbox 360 also because the PS3 crowd back then just seemed to act more mature. The Xbox fanboys were extremely toxic back then. Now I only play on the PS4 console only but it just seems all those TOXIC xbox 360 fanboys are now TOXIC PS4 fanboys. WTH?

jelloaceomega9d ago

Maybe Nintendo could published the next season of Futurama. to know if the crew really got stuck in the what if universe.

jagermaster6199d ago

Thought Sony would be at e3......oh ps5 next year right? Hopefully they can make it to 4k this time and maybe we can have a brighter light on the controller with even less battery life!

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Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

Was expecting something about crossplay, but nonetheless this is amazing for the industry.

Purrfection10d ago

Not when the guy on the left doesn't even look like he wants to be there or even plays games. What a cuddly fellow he is.

Zeke689d ago

@ Purrfection
Better than smirky face in the middle at least.

Kribwalker9d ago

the guy on the left looked like the type that would be upset about the Hentai censorship, he kinda looked like a creep lol

Razzer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Nice moment for the gaming industry.......trashed on by a few petty individuals on n4g.

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Septic10d ago

They keep talking about being united so maybe that's a sign that Sony will finally get its act together

Zeke689d ago

Septic, do you get paid to troll Sony here at N4G ?? Serious question !

Septic9d ago

I'm always bemused when people accuse me this considering the make up of this site and the countless Sony fanboys constantly shitting on everything.

Zeke689d ago

I didn't accuse you of anything ? I asked you a question because I see you in pretty much every Sony related article, even those with 100% Sony content so it's seems you A) Are paid to "troll" B) You are a really sad person who needs to search up everything Sony-related too, I para-phrase you here, shit on Sony.
For the record, I'm getting accused of being Sony fanboy alot around here, no problems, but I have NOT ONCE posted any negative about MS under a MS-only article ! Why would I. I dont like MS /Phil so I simply stay away.
And seriously, isn't the owner of this site a MS fan ? Or did I misunderstand something here ? Wouldn't surprise me if I have, but that's the impression I got so far. But if I'm right, isn't this technically a MS pro site ? ;)

Septic9d ago

No the site owner isn't a Xbox fan. Where did you get that from?

You see me in every single Sony related article? I'm not even on here that much these days. And I'm not always critiquing Sony either. You just see what you want to see.

Legatus9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


What are you talking about man Septic, Krib and gangsta are the most unbiased N4Gers in the history, they have never and i mean NEVER favouring any side, especially MS/xbox. They are the true champions of neutrality.


Kribwalker9d ago


lol,you are hardly a person to try to call someone out for being biased. Really, there’s probably 10 people on this site that could honestly say they aren’t biased one way or the other

Legatus9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


I never ever called myself unbiased, i was, am and always will be a Playstation fanboy and i NEVER pretended that am i not, i clearly show that by my pro Sony comments and that's why i am calling you out. Because you are always championing yourself unbiased, owning all three consoles, etc. but in reality you are always making pro MS comments and stealth trolling and downplaying anything Sony related, but yet you are always telling how you were not biased. There is nothing wrong to a Xbox fanboy no matter what others are saying, after all it's in a human nature to always choose a side, from sports to politics so the gaming is no different, but don't be a liar when someone call you out and say that you are a xbox fanboy and you lie that you are not, just proudly admit yes i am a xbox fanboy and that's it, just don't lie, being a liar is a MUCH worse than being a fanboy.

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Eonjay9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I do not give a fuck about these people. They are corporate figureheads. I do not feel compelled to worship their nutsack like some here and the gaming 'media'. I am more interested in developers.

neutralgamer199210d ago

This was good we are a singular community regardless of preference when it comes to hardware or software

United as a community we can make a huge difference. Forcing EA to backtrack on SWBF2 to forcing Bethesda into giving the bags which were promised

So next time any of you want to troll or hate just remember we are all gamers

I like ps4 but have nothing against switch, pc or Xbox one. We all like something different so let's stay united so we can stop these greedy publishers from taking advantage of us

darthv7210d ago

I been saying it for years. We are all in the same hobby for the same reason.... we love video games.

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