Ryozo Tsujimoto Says "Great News on Monster Hunter" Incoming in a Few Days

Andrew writes: "Monster Hunter World just won The Game Awards title for best RPG of the year. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto also revealed that more news is on the way surrounding the series soon."

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TheGamez1008d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Id like to see an "ultimate/G" version released as dlc soon. I guess I wouldnt mind a separate release though if it has at least twice the content of mhw. At least 2 new maps and much more monsters.

McMahonme78d ago

I'm not too familiar with the brand, what would an "ultimate/G" version entail exactly?

Kashima7d ago

Separate game for 40$, you can port your old save or start new one, you will start from beginning, new rank added call G rank after finishing HR story, G rank have new missions, monsters, equipments, cosmetics and maps, old monsters gain few moves changes like Arch Xeno for example, monsters hp scaled to multiplayer even in solo, equipments goes to rarity 10 or x, melee weapons can reach purple sharpness, guns have more clip sizes, armors have more skills and decoration slots, they may add new weapon type or combat mechanics changes or not.