PS4 Stays Ahead With Excellent Exclusives | 2018 Year In Review

Sony had some great games come to PS4 in 2018, but how good--or bad--a year has it been for the PlayStation platform more broadly?

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UCForce10d ago

Indeed it is. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely keep it up momentum.

majiebeast10d ago

excellent exclusives damn right gow taking pretty much the biggest awards at the Keighley show tonight.

BeardedDrachen10d ago

500M consoles sold
Success with God of War
Success of Spiderman
Detroit should have had more attention. It’s analogies were a bit ‘on the nose’.
Shadow of The Colossus was ‘perfect’ for a remaster.
Yakuza Kiwami 2 is a cool weird new Japanese game.
Misteps: Castlevania: Reqium
PSVR has been really strong at the end of the year, sony hasn’t been making that big of a deal about the great games coming out for PSVR.
Sony has been maintaining its services. PS+ games have been good for the year. It hasn’t felt bad..
PS Classic has numerous issues. Runs like crap. Games on it were a misstep.
E3 was odd/mediocre.. clear they didn’t have much to show.. Ghost of Tsushima and flute guy was epic.
Sony was a no show at so many events.
Leaving E3 2019 is a big story. What do they have going for next year?
Sony appears to be listening to its core fanbase again.

DerekTweed9d ago

Yakuza 6 was this year as well. It got overshadowed by God of War releasing around the same time. Only a week apart I think. But it was a great game and an emotional roller coaster with a fitting end of the story for the protagonist, Kiryu Kazuma.

jagermaster6199d ago

lol more like 80 to 85, still great but not 500 😂

bluefox7559d ago

Think he was talking about the Playstation brand in general, which has passed 500 million.

Traecy9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

All 4 generation of Playstation Consoles & handhelds are 500 million sold.

rainslacker10d ago

I think the year speaks for itself. Surge in console sales with every major release, including that from 3rd party with RDR, and the typical holiday system sellers. Great sales all around, and regardless of what you may think of the platform, and even if you dislike every PS exclusive, the whole year was great for gamers, as there were a lot of quality releases.

DerekTweed9d ago

Some of my best moments in gaming this year have come from my PS4 Pro. Although I prefer my Xbox, I really love the Yakuza franchise, played Kiwami, 0, Ishin, 6 and Kiwami 2 as well as Fist of the North star. God of War was great. I also loved Persona 5. I also enjoyed HZD and Infamous and Spider-man

I got my PS4 in March so I had some catching up to do.

jznrpg10d ago

Can’t wait for Tsushima.

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