The samurai RPG 'Kenshi' finally launches after 12 years in development

Developer Lo-Fi Games' 'Kenshi' finally see its release after twelve years in development.

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TheSoundDefense927d ago

Whenever I see a game that took a super long time to develop, I have to wonder why. There exists no game where the gameplay is so complex and refined that it took ten years to do.

Darkwatchman926d ago

Small teams, creative directors changing, staff shuffling around and being put on other projects, the whole project restarting from scratch because the team wasn’t happen with its current direction. Any number of things could happen.

Spenok926d ago

Reminds me of a PS2 game with a couple of modern touches.

Greg2801926d ago

Hope the game succeeds for them.
12 years jeezzz.. thats some real dedication

DoctorOswin926d ago

I uh. Think I'll just wait for Ghost of Tsushima.

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