'The Last Remnant Remastered' releases for PlayStation 4

'The Last Remnant Remastered', a re-release of the 2008 RPG 'The Last Remnant', is now available for PlayStation 4 from Square-Enix.

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FallenAngel19841758d ago

Square Enix will rerelease so many of their games on PS4 except the FFXIII trilogy apparently

porkChop1758d ago

Considering the disappointment surrounding that trilogy it isn't surprising.

SegaGamer1756d ago

To be fair, it wasn't like Last Remnant was well received at the time either.

porkChop1756d ago

That's true, fair point.

Fist4achin1756d ago

I wish they would bring back Xenogears and Parasite Eve...

Pantz1756d ago

you can already play them in 4k on xbox one x

TheColbertinator1758d ago

Took at least a decade to launch on Playstation.

RedDevils1756d ago

getting this when it hit $10 or free.

1-pwnsause-11756d ago

well, took em like 10 years but its finally here....

AK911756d ago

It's amazing how well this game runs in comparison to the 360 version kinda surprised it wasn't released for XB1


The Last Remnant Remastered Review | Hardcore Droid

Released by Square Enix in 2008, The Last Remnant inevitably drew comparisons to the developer's greats, most notably the Final Fantasy games. Thankfully, both the original and The Last Remnant Remastered stand out. The Remastered version, pretty much a direct port released for phones late last month, is truly impressive. The transition from a full-fledged console title to a mobile game is a daunting one, yet The Last Remnant Remastered pulls it off very well, though it does consume a ton of memory.

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MadLad1333d ago

Very surprised to find this one ported to mobile. Phones are slowly becoming proper handhelds; especially with developers finally figuring out how to make more complicated games work with serviceable controls on a touch screen.


The Last Remnant Remastered Launches on iOS and Android Because Why The Hell Not

Square Enix announced that their JRPG adventure The Last Remnant Remastered is available now iOS and Android devices for $19.99.

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The Last Remnant Remastered Nintendo Switch Review: 11 Years Weren’t Enough [The Mako Reactor]

The Mako Reactor says: “It’s an interesting curiosity from a time when Japanese game companies were coming to terms with the HD era of video games but we can’t help but wonder what could have been if a bit more time and effort went into this re-release.”

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1548d ago
Nerdmaster1548d ago

The game was fundamentally very flawed (especially the BR and enemy scaling system), so no amount of "remastering" could save it. It needed a complete overhaul, and Square would never spend more time and money in this game than the bare minimum.

AK911548d ago

The PS4 version was fine for me