Norman Reedus Teases Death Stranding Release Date, Says It Is Coming Early Next Year

Death Stranding lead motion capture actor Norman Reedus has teased that the game might launch early next year.

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UCForce1015d ago

And Kojima did said himself that the game would release before 2020. He also did said the game release date would base on Akira which was set in 2019.

Nitrowolf21015d ago

It’s not out of the question either. Kojima games have always taken a long time to release, but for reasons revolving around having to build game engines from scratch.

Least this time around his was given a suitable game engine, so that cut a whole lot of time out of the equation. I’m really excited to see what he does with the decima engine

DarXyde1015d ago

This is really curious. I still feel like we know so little about Death Stranding. Unless they do some kind of media blitz in the near future, I would be seriously surprised to see it released this early.

AspiringProGenji1015d ago

Can’t wait for another dose of why exclusives are bad

Hardiman1015d ago

Or all the "concerned" pieces that'll pop up leading up to its release!

rainslacker1015d ago

Don't forget the downgrade in depth analyses we have to look forward to.

Razzer1014d ago

Puddle watch will be in full effect.

pietro12121015d ago

Lack of exclusives would hurt the industries.

DreadGara1015d ago

Exclusives are bad for everyone's health because it kills people from jealousy

MajorLazer1014d ago

Don't see why though. Not like the PS4 is that expensive, can pick up a used one for very cheap and get to playing some all time great exclusives

MajorLazer1014d ago

Just to add to my point, I honestly don't understand how you can let hatred stop you from playing a lot of amazing games. I'd have all the consoles and a gaming PC if I could afford it

Neonridr1014d ago

seriously, you want a dose of that go visit the Marvel Ultimate Alliance comment section. You would think that Nintendo is North Korea for getting an exclusive for themselves.

Dragonscale1014d ago

Yeah but its from a third party publisher though. Death Stranding isn't.

Neonridr1013d ago

@Dragonscale - Nintendo is publishing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, so try again.

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TGGJustin1015d ago

Yeah no offense to Norman but voice actors usually don't know when a game is coming out. I'll believe it when I see it.

P_Bomb1015d ago

Game could be close to being done though. As the protagonist who’s in the whole game and more than likely doing all his own VA and motion capture, if his work is done and they’re in the polish stage odds are the game is closer to being finished than not.

When it releases, that’s up to the suits. I’ve seen finished games (Gravity Rush 2) bumped the same as finished movies (Xmen: Dark Phoenix). I’m all in for an early 2019 release tho’! Maybe that’s another reason Days Gone got pushed outta Q1?

moomoo3191015d ago

problem is mo-cap is usually done much much earlier than when the game is finished, because studio time for that is real expensive and they try to bang it out at the start

rainslacker1015d ago

Him and Kojima seem rather close. On top of that, he is likely doing promotional work for the game, and he'd be contracted out to do so, so they'd have to let him know when it's releasing so they can prepare that for him around his schedule.

If it were a random voice actor, I'd say you're probably right, although they'd be called back in to do additional voice work maybe half a year before release in a big production.

1015d ago
TheEnigma3131015d ago

I still see this as a PS5 title, but maybe I'm wrong. It would be a a strong title coming into next gen.

Loktai1015d ago

It's a pretty game and I'm sure it's very possible it also gets a ps5 release but what I've seen of it so far would be perfectly in line for the end of this gen.

BehindTheRows1015d ago

Definitely a PS4 title.

OT: Just bring on the release date!

nyu11015d ago

It looks very good, but not next gen good. What I mean by that is it's the same kind of quality we've been seeing from exclusives like Uncharted 4 and TLOU 2.

Very high production value and everything, but not crazy scope and physics and stuff that you'd expect to be possible only on next gen console CPUs.

StormSnooper1015d ago

Early as in Jan? Feb? March?

Goldby1014d ago

march normally is the start of the fiscal year so it would be between march to august

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