Devil May Cry 5 Is Getting Xbox One Exclusive Demo Tomorrow

Devil May Cry 5 will get an Xbox One exclusive demo tomorrow as leaked by an early reveal trailer for V.

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scofios8d ago

If your exclusive for holiday's is a demo for a mulltie platform game ? How phatic can you be . .

obidanshinobi8d ago

How pathetic can you be to try and dump on someones excitement about a video game ?

mark_parch8d ago

@scofios actually ashen and below are also releasing as console exclusives this holiday on xbox. Not that im bothered as I own all consoles but what holiday exclusives are launching on ps4? with that said I'm not a fan of timed content, I don't see why everybody can't play at the same time but I guess that's not the way business works

beulahland8d ago

What is PHATIC?

Dude is so pissed he barely knows how to spell.

BizarroUltraman7d ago

All I know is im gonna be playing the demo on X. Its not my problem as a consumer who gets what. If it was available exclusively on PS or Switch. Xbox gamers would never hear the end of it... hahaha. Hell yeah tho DMC5 on X!!!!

raWfodog7d ago

I see no problem with this and I don't even have an XB. Why do you care if it's only a demo?

DrumBeat7d ago

Twenty-eight idiots upvoted this pile of pure salt, and the troll couldn't even get 'pathetic' right. Pathetic.

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solideagle8d ago

lol @ Capcom, Now Exclusive demo is a thing. I am staying away from trailers just like I did for God of War. now if Team Ninja can release Ninja Gaiden this generation that would be perfect (I am assuming Onimusha 5 is in development) :)

ForeverTheGoat8d ago

Exclusive demos always been a thing. You’re forgetting PT demo was exclusive to PlayStation

LegoIsAwesome8d ago

Isnt PT Silent Hill exclusive for PS4? Aint that the reason why? But DMCV is multiplat so i kinda get why some are mad. Not me though I got all 3 system.

trouble_bubble7d ago

RE7 had a demo exclusive to PS4 for 6 months. Came out at E3 for PS4. December for Xbox.

Capcom likes to sleep around.

darthv728d ago

wouldnt this sort of thing now be considered "early access"?

Prubar8d ago

Strange. Ah well. Good thing I have a 1X.

PhantomS428d ago

Definitely strange but it will nice to get a taste before buying it on it's rightful platform Playstation.

tucky8d ago

'rightful platform' ... Loooool What a joke

Prubar8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Yea I got a launch PS4. Still haven’t upgraded to a pro. But anyways the last 3 devil may cry games have been multi platform plus the rerelease of the first 3 are on Xbox as well.I played the originals back in the day but am glad they are now on my preferred console.

Obscure_Observer8d ago

Not so strange when you think about Phil Spencer´s trips to japan. ;)

Apocalypse Shadow8d ago

You're saying he spent all that time in Japan to get a demo?

Now we got "demo launch exclusive."

gamer78048d ago

hope we see more than just exclusive demos though

beulahland8d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow keep saying that while people download and play it, sweet pumpkin.

Obscure_Observer8d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

"You're saying he spent all that time in Japan to get a demo?"

No. That´s what i would call good relationships with japanese devs. The new King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown was first announced as PS4 exclusives. Well, not anymore.

You see... fanboys has been mocking Phil´s eforts on his travels to Japan. And now, all that some people can say is... "strange". Irony

Apocalypse Shadow7d ago

The irony is when those games don't sell on Xbox.

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spambot08158d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Why am i not surprised... the whole premier trailer smelled like scalebound leftovers... i bet what happened to tomb raider now happens to DMC. Guess the mid range studio microsoft wants to buy into is capcom.

Gotcha58d ago

Ha ha you mad naughty ponies... you do understand that the X is the lead platform for DMC5. It seems just like Shawn Layden u sucka came up short... see you at E3 bitches

spambot08158d ago

not mad because of the possibility of DMC moving towards xbox, just wanted to post a suspicion i had once i saw the reveal trailer of DMC back at this years e3 which imo now has become more likely.

monkey6027d ago

Capcom Debuted DMC at the Xbox conference but the Debuted Resident Evil 2 at playstations. Seems like they just wanted to spread some joy and give both games some lime light really. No conspiracy needed