Devil May Cry 5 Song Altered After Allegations Against Suicide Silence’s Frontman

Capcom today released a new statement to address the future of Dante’s theme song, ‘Subhuman,’ in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5.

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Apocalypse Shadow8d ago

Canceled, postponed, altered or censored because something happens like this or might be seen as inappropriate. And will continue to happen.

Where have we heard this from? Oh....ME.

rainslacker8d ago

While I understand why companies do stuff like this, it really makes no sense why people would hold these companies which hire these people culpable for their actions when said company did not knowingly promote or endorse such behavior when signing on the artist.

There have been very few times where I felt that maybe it was inappropriate to work with someone who did something wrong. But allegations along shouldn't cause disruption to a product when the employer did nothing wrong in the first place.

Apocalypse Shadow8d ago

You haven't been watching the news.

Especially now in this overly sensitive, I feel threatened, got caught slipping and social and news media will bury you and anyone connected to you, guilty until proven innocent society.

Vhampir8d ago

It's a convenient excuse to makes changes, after the response to the song's reveal.

I really really hate screamo though...

rainslacker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Like I said, I understand why companies do it. But this is nothing new to today's over-sensitive society. I remember stuff like this when I was pretty young.

I understand why companies will distance themselves from someone once something is made public, but to go back and change something they did without any kind of malice or in attempt to support ill intent always struck me as stupid.

It'd be like Netflix cancelling the season of House of Cards mid-season, and not airing the work that was done, as opposed to just changing the story line, and dismissing the actor in the process.

I'm not blaming the company for doing it, just the people that overreact to stuff and blame the wrong people.

ssmilloy368d ago

nobody caught this or complained about it. it's getting the game front and center though. calculated? magic 8 ball said yes

AizenSosuke8d ago

Nobody really complained but why???

Platformgamer8d ago

the song was already dope even with the original vocals (i know, unpopular opinion)

FanboySpotter8d ago

Dmc + suicide silence? Come on now you could do better :/ suicide silence sounds like they are having seizures when playing instruments and like the unclean vocalist is destroying his vocal chords making unnecessary squeals. I could see veil of maya, or even born of osiris doing something amazing with dmc music

Enturax8d ago

Or just bring the fucking original vocalists from DMC3 and 4?

NapalmSanctuary8d ago

Doing vocal screams doesn't damage vocal chords. It can if you do it wrong but its not an automatic correlation. But yeah, SS is not my cup of tea either. I didn't even like them when they were deathcore. I'm more of a death metal / thrash guy, myself. All this crap is a little too pop for my sensibilities.

Smokehouse8d ago

Presumption of innocence? Who needs that? What were the allegations, the article conveniently leaves that out. It's just some capcom employee letting us know that we are being protected from the man we do not speak of lol.

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