PlayStation Store The Game Awards Sale Is Now, Here's the Complete List of Discounted Games

In case you didn't know, the PlayStation Store The Game Awards sale happening, and it's live right now! Here are the discounted games.

sander97026d ago

Did they do this last year as well because I get the feeling this years TGA is going to be really big looking at all this build-up.

PhantomS426d ago

Keighley over hypes everything. So I'm expecting the complete opposite. Like the year he hyped up a supermassive reveal at the end of the show just to have a shitty dubstep song made from 90% stolen music play or last year when he hyped so massive reveals and there wasn't anything notable aside from the coked out rant from a mediocre indie dev.

Baza6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

He definitely over hypes everything. Last year was a disappointment. Not expecting much from the “reveals” this year

RobertNekita6d ago

probably US, im from EU, no Game Awards Sale visible

bloop5d ago

Prices are in $ so I presume it's just the US. There are some crazy deals going on the EU store at the moment though. Up to 70% off some titles. Worth checking out.

potedude5d ago

Certainly not Aus, full price games here... :(

gravedigger6d ago

Oh, another sale. Great. FC5 looks cheap

CorndogBurglar6d ago

Man there's some great games on here for cheap!

Dishonored 2 for $13.

Monster Hunter World for $25

Persona 5 for $25

Resident Evil 7 for $15


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